Welcome to Wedding Season!

It's now May in Edmonton and while the weather doesn't really seem to be cooperating, this is officially the kickoff to wedding season!

June, July, August, and September remain the busiest months for wedding bookings in the city but May is becoming a popular choice simply because more venues and vendors are available, often at prices that tend to be a bit more reasonable.

A couple things to remember as you get into this season's rush:

1) Once you're comfortable, make a decision

This means, do your research and talk to a variety of vendors in the areas you still need help. But, once you've met someone or spoken with a company that gives you the "good feels" it's probably wise to secure them. Waiting even a week can often lead to disappointment when they are booked by someone else.

2) Place a deposit

If you're booking someone that doesn't require a deposit, be cautious. Without a commitment on both sides, you could wind up in a bad place when your vendor decides to bail or take another booking that might pay more or suits them better. It shouldn't happen, but it does. A deposit helps protect you.

Should they burn you after that, you can get it back and you have legal recourse if they don't refund it.

3) See what else they offer

Don't be afraid to ask about their connections. If they're good at what they do, they've worked a lot of events and met a lot of good, trustworthy people. Whatever it is you still need, ask.