How To Tell What Kind of DJ Company You're Speaking With From One Phone Call

As you plan your event, there's a pretty good chance you'll need to call a few DJ companies along the way. Granted, we understand that most couple's searches begin on the Internet and that you may try to gather as much information online and through emails as possible, but the best way to narrow down, filter through and eliminate the bad from the good is to call or meet with each company.

Often that phone call comes first.

So, when you call, what should you be looking for?

photo via Video Blocks

1) Did they actually answer?

There are a number of DJ companies that don't the "DJ thing" full-time. It's not the end of the world if you're considering a part-time company but how often do you fail to reach the owner or staff of the services you're looking to hire? If you can't ever get someone on the phone just to get the information you need, this is probably not the feeling you want as you get closer to your event and you get a little more nervous, as organizers or couples tend to do.

2) Did they just give you the prices over the phone?

We are well aware the most popular first question by most clients is 'how much do you charge?' The reason they ask that question is because it's the one thing you'll eventually need to know no matter what you're planning. There is always a cost.

But, the DJ service you're speaking with should know, there is far more to putting the right option together for you than just price. If they start to rattle off prices and haven't taken the time to ask what your vision is, or what type of event you're planning, they're likely pegging you into a category and your event is far more than that.

3) Did they offer to send you information or meet?

A good company that offers a service will want to meet you. Why? Because as much as a client is "interviewing" a DJ, the DJ should be "interviewing" the client. Not every DJ is the right fit for every event.

4) Did they offer to follow-up?

You may want to reach out to DJ companies and hope they never "bug" you with emails or phone calls, but that's the wrong attitude to take. Trust me when we say you're going to want a service provider that cares enough to follow-up.

And remember this, if they offer and you say, "no, we're just gathering info and we'll call when we're ready", you probably weren't that interested in actually hiring someone anyways. Save your shopping for when you're actually ready