How Much a Good Review Helps Your Local Edmonton DJ Service

via Marketing Land
In a social media era where it's easy to tell the world what you think about a product or service, a good review is worth a lot to any reputable company.

To a DJ company, it's almost as valuable as the money paid for the services itself (I say almost because we need to get paid to keep a business alive). A good review tells future clients 'this DJ service is worth looking at more closely.' It says 'this company knows what they're doing'. A number of good reviews mean the company has done well for a longer period of time.

But, there's bad news...

These days, it's harder to impress clients and much more than ever, to get clients to leave good reviews — even if they're happy.

If you're asking why or how this could be, the answer is simple.

First, leaving a review takes a little bit of time. Time is valuable and many believe that because others have left good reviews in the past, or under the assumption that future clients will just know the company is good, their review won't matter, so why leave one?... Let me tell you, it does and you should.

Here are all the reasons you're helping your local wedding DJ or corporate party host by leaving a good review:

  1. Many people love leaving bad reviews. It's sad, but it's true. Even when the services are 99.9% fantastic, if any one thing is off, a number of clients won't reach out to the company to look for a solution, they'll simply become an Internet critic and do whatever damage they can. Your good review helps combat those folks who like to watch others squirm. (I can't begin to tell you how many times I've had to deal with folks whose first reaction was to leave a review over a misunderstanding when they'd had too much to drink or complain about something they didn't actually purchase.)
  2. Some people want to leave good reviews, but they don't know how. If you're one of those few who aren't intimidated by Google reviews or a place like Weddingwire, then you're a step ahead of those who would love to rave about the company they hired but can't quite figure out the Internet and navigating places where reviews get found. You'd be speaking for others by doing what you know how to do already.
  3.  It's harder for DJ's to get reviews. In an environment where most people are drinking or something like music is so subjective, a DJ is trying to impress 150-200 guests all at once, not just one client. If that one client hears a cousin or grandfather make a comment that not every song suited their music tastes, or a song wasn't put on quickly enough (despite there being many other requests in front of it) guess how likely the client is to leave a glowing review? Such is the life of a DJ. 
I could go on, but you probably get my point. Being a professional DJ is a lot of fun, but it's also hard work, especially if you're trying to impress your clients, their family, and friends, all while running a successful business. 

So, go ahead, leave a positive review. If you feel your DJ company has earned it, tell the world. It helps them more than you'll ever know! 

If you didn't think they earned it, reach out to them. Give them a chance to explain why and what might have gone the opposite direction of your expectations. If after that conversation you're still not happy and they've offered no solution, leave your feedback if you feel it's warranted.