It's Holiday Season For DJ's in Edmonton!!

You might be thinking it was early when the Halloween candy showed up in stores about a month ago. And, when Christmas goodies appear right after, you'll be asking yourself, 'is it that time already?' But, for DJ's, we've been in full holiday mode for a couple months. Thinking about Christmas is already old news.


Corporations and companies in Edmonton and area have been calling our office trying to book the most popular dates for holiday parties this season for weeks! And, while we've been booking our every-year clients, we're adding new ones all the time. It's a fantastic time of year for us. 

In 2018, prime dates are November 23rd and 24th, November 30th and December 1st, and December 7th and 8th, just to name a few. We'll do some events on Sundays, Thursdays and even weeknights for companies (restaurants and retail) who tend to be busier on weekends and slower during the week. 

If you haven't already called around looking to book your holiday season DJ for your office party, you're already running the risk quality DJ's will be full!

So, call us today! Don't miss out on booking your event when waiting another minute might mean you've missed the boat. 

You can reach us at:

Equinox Sound & Entertainment Inc. 

or, you can Click Here to fill out our Customized Event form and you'll here from one of our staff right away.