How To Guarantee Yourself the Best Value on a Wedding DJ

While shopping for your wedding DJ, there are probably two things you're looking at first. One is price. The other is trying not to get hosed while you get a good deal.

Managing to get those two things and without sacrificing one for the other can be tricky. How do you get the best price but not hire inexperienced? How do you save money without cutting corners? How do you get everything you want, but not spend too much? Normally, you can't.

In our attempt to answer this question over the past twenty years of being in the DJ business, we wondered the same thing. How do we offer our services at a rate that pays our staff (some of the most talented in the city) a fair wage, but still gives our clients the feeling that they're getting the best value? How do we offer all the features we do (licensing, insurance, experience, high-quality sound and lighting, full-time assistance...) and supply it to our clients at a rate that allows our company to continue to lead the way in terms of service?

The answer we believe is in our  Free Service Quote Diagnostic Tool!

We've developed a way to guarantee you the best value wherever you shop!

Simply head over to this page and upload any quote or promotional material you receive from our competition and we'll take a look at it free of charge, do a thorough diagnostic of the quotes you've received and respond with a grade of each offer.

If you're thinking this is a way for us to undercut our competition, give us a moment to explain something.

First, there will be times we tell you we can't or won't match a price. The reason is that the quote you may have received is an incredibly good offer and if you're looking for what's included in that offer, we'll tell you to take it! More than likely, however, is that the offer we choose not to match is inferior.

There are a number of DJ services out there that are not worth your time. They don't include features that could rock your reception or hurt it if they're missing and because we offer what they don't, we have costs some companies choose to forego. We simply don't believe a client/couple should hire a DJ without some of these features and we don't eliminate them to help save money.

So too, if you're thinking this is a waste of your time or a scam of some kind, let me tell you why we do this.

There is value in us seeing what our competition is offering you. We think, for the most part, we already know, but so many factors can change a quote and as businesses start to get nervous that they haven't filled their calendars or as economic trends change, and with new DJ services popping up all the time, we can never be sure. If we can see what your alternatives are, we can better offer our services to match the marketplace.

At the end of the day, our goal is to get you the best value possible and keep our entertaining staff working! If we can do both at the same time, we're happy. Apples to apples, we believe we can get you the highest value in the city. Give us a chance to show you!