Renting a Photobooth for Your Wedding

Photobooths have become extremely popular for all types of events including weddings, parties, corporate events, and school dances. They are a great way to give that extra wow factor and provide a unique and fun activity that people are bound to remember.

So what do you need to know about photobooths before renting one?

Well for starters, it's not the ugly, boxy booth that you see in the corner of malls; for the most part they are more elegant than that. 

Pay attention to print quality, printing costs, photo backups, running time, photobooth attendants, booth size, and image customization.

The other route that seems to be gaining traction is the DIY photobooth. Building your own photobooth can be a neat project with great results but it can also backfire and cause problems on one of the most important days of your life, so, is it worth it?

In most cases, if you're planning and organizing the event you are already going to be overwhelmed on the day of. Here's what you might not have considered with a DIY photobooth: 

1) Setup and takedown can be tricky and take longer than expected

2) Setting up a printer and the software to manage photo templates isn't the easiest process
3) Chance of technical difficulties is high especially if all your gear is out in the open
4) Photo ink and photo paper costs add up and after the event you might have a ton leftover.
5) People can get rowdy and your equipment could get wrecked. 

What are our photobooths like?

The photobooth we have is a 5x5 booth that can hold up to ten people. Unlike the photo booths that you may have seen or used at the mall - with a tiny space that you're lucky to accommodate three people. You can choose an open or closed photobooth. Our photo booths are spacious; fit more people into the booth and get more wacky photos for long lasting memories. 

We use a DSLR camera connected to software to instantly print and we save it all on a HDD in case you want extra copies after the event. We also upload the photos to a password protected folder online that can be shared with the guests at the event. We can also provide a USB or a CD with all of the prints.

We include a box full of goofy props. Anything from over-sized sunglasses to masks. 

Options to print either 2x6 strips or 4x6 postcards that only take a few seconds after capturing the photo! 

We provide an onsite attendant to set up, test and monitor the booth all night long. Our photobooth assistants stick around for the time that we provide the booth for in order to provide assistance to ensure a fun and smooth experience for everyone.

Another great feature that we offer is our Photo Booth Guestbook. Many wedding clients use this guestbook option as a traditional guest book but, it makes a far more entertaining memory when guests sign their names along with their goofy and flattering photos taped on. 

No matter how popular the photobooth is, our prints are unlimited. We can refill the ink cartridges and photo paper if need be. Our main concern is that you and your guests are having a great time! Pictures are worth a thousand words and will always be cherished forever.             

We customize! Every print that a guest receives can be loaded with an image of yourself and your spouse, as well as a caption saying, “Thank you for attending our special day,” or any saying for that matter. This serves as a great personalized and on-the-spot gift for all of your guests.

People never regret adding a photobooth. We can't stress how fun they are. Our packages with everything we have just discussed for our photo booths start from $695.00 for three hours. 

We bundle. If you book more than one service with us, we'll add on an extra hour to your photobooth service.