Stuck On What Song To Walk Down The Aisle To?

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Are you a soon to be bride and trying to pick out the perfect song for you to walk down the aisle to?

Since this can be a tricky thing to choose, let us help you with some suggestions based on hundreds of ceremonies we have witnessed and been a part of.

If you always thought that you would walk down the aisle with to the traditional "Here Comes The Bride." you can still do so, but times have changed and although many people still use the wedding march classic, others have taken it upon themselves to personalize and choose a non traditional song instead.

Perhaps you adore the song, "A Thousand Years" By Christina Perri. In recent years this seems to be an extremely popular song for brides and a perfect fit. Maybe you have a song that is considered to be an "our song" shared with your husband or bride to be. Or, are you known for your personality? For non-traditional clients, there's no rule that says you can't enter to a Metallica or the Star Wars theme song! It mostly reflects your personality and you'll never make a bad choice if you go with your heart.

Here are some song ideas for you to walk down the aisle to:

1) "Here Comes The Bride" (Of course is at the top of the list! The traditional song to walk down the aisle to.)
2) "Marry Me" Train
3) "A Thousand Years" Christina Perri
4) "All Of Me" John Legend
5) "All Of Me" John Legend Feat. Lindsey Stirling (If you love this song and haven't heard this version, you have to!)
6) "Will You Marry Me" Jason Derulo
7) Anything by The Piano Guys. If your looking for instrumental only songs, check out The Piano Guys and their instrumentals of songs, they're great! They have redone some of the popular songs listed above in their instrumental version.
8) "Young & Beautiful" Lana Del Rey
9) "Unconditionally" Katy Perry
10) "From This Moment" Shania Twain
11) "You're Beautiful" James Blunt (Instrumental sounds great too.)
12) "Marry You" Bruno Mars
13) "You're Still The One" Shania Twain
14) "Your Song" Ellie Goulding
15) "I Do (Cherish You)" 98 Degrees
16) "Breathe" Faith Hill
17) "Luck Be A Lady" Frank Sinatra
18) "Have I Told You Lately" Rod Stewart
19) "You Are So Beautiful" Joe Crocker
20) "Love Story" Taylor Swift
21) "First Day Of My Life" Bright Eyes
22) "Sweetest Thing" U2
23) "Fallin'" Alicia Keys
24) For some other instrumental songs, check our Vitamin String Quartet, some great versions of popular weddings songs that they have redone as well!
25) "I Want To Know What Love Is" Foreigner
26) "She's The One" Robbie Williams

Here are a list of some different songs that brides have used that are more fun to walk down the aisle to:

1) "Star Wars Theme Song"
2) "Mission Impossible Theme Song"
3) "Indiana Jones Theme Song"
4) "I'm A Believer" The Monkees
5) "Don't Stop Me Now" Queen
6) "Another One Bites The Dust" Queen
7) "Final Countdown" Europe

Feel free to mix and match songs for different parts of your ceremony. If you feel that the groom walking into a theme song is a better fit, or the bridal party, ring bearer or flower girl, it is totally your call.

When you walk down the aisle, it's your moment for the music to be about you! Traditional, quirky, fun, mellow... anything goes. Remain consistent, show a bit of yourselves in the selections and keep things appropriate and you'll never go wrong.

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