What Is AVLA or Connect Music? Why Is It Important When Hiring my Edmonton DJ Service?

When the fines can be in the millions of dollars and the penalties severe, why is it that something as important as music licensing gets ignored by clients and professionals as frequently as it does?

Is it because people feel the likelihood of getting caught is slim? Is it because everyone does it so why can't I?

Perhaps, but for many the idea of playing copyrighted music isn't given a second thought and the terms SOCAN, Connect or AVLA are completely new. Until you plan an event or a wedding, why would you ever require a license that the AVLA/Connect or SOCAN might provide?

You might not, but if the professionals you hire are properly doing their job and you as a client are reading the paperwork or contracts being provided to you by these professionals, you'll undoubtedly start to see and perhaps become familiar with these terms.

The purpose of these licenses are to protect you from any sort of playback trouble when it comes to the copyright of music at your function.Obviously, if you are illegally downloading music, no license will cover you for that -- it's illegal; but there are formats, that when licensing is purchased, can be played legally at your event. 

A lot of DJ companies will brag about having thousands of songs. But did you ever stop to think about how they obtained them? And once they did, how they planned to legally play them at events?

Many people do not understand the consequences of being caught without being licensed to play the music you are playing, but they can be quite severe. Whether it be the music provided by your DJ and all of the tracks he/she is playing during the function or the background music on something simple like a slideshow, a license is required.  Anything purchased retail, through iTunes, streamed through a professional service or obtained through other legal means still needs to be licensed in order for you to play it at an event for other people’s enjoyment.

This license your DJ provides for you is called your AVLA or Connect music licensing. Make sure your DJ company has it.

So What is a SOCAN License?

Good question.

Many people see this $50-$200 fee on their venue contracts, but don't stop to ask what it is or why it's there?

Your venue, whether it be a hall, hotel, etc., are required to have SOCAN license’s for any music played or any music that an outsider may bring in and play for entertainment. This can include but isn't limited to elevator music or music in a lobby at a hotel. While we as professional DJ's are required to purchase an AVLA/Connect license (one that goes where our music libraries go),your venue must also ensure that any music they play whether it be requested by you, provided by you, or come directly from the venue itself, is licensed and legal and therefore, allowed to be played at any place and at anytime. 


An example...

A family or friend of the bride and groom creates a lovely slideshow and keeps it a secret until the day of. They will ask us to provide any equipment necessary to run the slideshow and we will help set it up, but any music that the friend or family member has input into the slide show no matter how they obtained it, is technically illegal to be played at the function. So then what?

With an AVLA/Connect music license that your DJ possesses however, if we're aware of the music required, we can get the music for you and play it during the slide show so that everything is covered. Problem solved and your friend -- who meant well -- is now not facing insane fines if ever caught.

We here at Equinox Sound have an AVLA license that grants us the right to play our purchased or streamed tracks wherever we may go and to whatever sort of event we want. Having an AVLA license is important as a DJ company, so we advise you to not only ask your DJ whether or not they have an AVLA license, but to provide you with a copy of their AVLA/Connect license to make sure that they do.

When it comes to our dealings with clients, you'll see it clear as day on our contracts. We can't speak so confidently about our competitors.

Chances are, if an Edmonton DJ company fails to bring it up or if you ask and aren't provided a straight answer, they probably do not have one. Ask in advance before investing any of your money and especially trust into a company that is run unprofessionally and does not have the best interest of you as a client in mind.

With your investment in Equinox Sound, we include all necessary licenses as well as insurance in order to keep your big day trouble free for you as well as for us.

Want to know more about AVLA/Connect music licensing? Click on this link