3 best ways to decide when to open your photo booth!

Have you booked a photo booth service for your wedding and unsure of the best time to have it operating? 

What's the most common?

Our Equinox photo booth packages generally offer a minimum operation time of three hours. This is nice both in terms of giving your guests enough time to get in on the action, but not overpower any other entertainment you may have organized. 

Should three hours not be quite enough for your group, there are lots of options. Add on hours to the end of any package, or find a combination of hours and split things up throughout the night. 

Some people may want the photo booth open for three hours knowing it's the major entertainment for the evening outside of the music. Others may want to pick a certain time of night, operating during cocktail hours, during the dance or during hours the couple may be gone for photos after the ceremony but before the reception starts. 

Finally, some people may want the photo booth open for an hour here and an hour there with idle hours in between. 

Any combination is possible. It really is preference of the couple and the timeline of their wedding day.

Here are a few options...

First off, having the photo booth open during three straight hours in which nothing else is going on is something that couples may decide to do if they want guests to strictly use the photo booth. 

We'll open it up and keep it running throughout that three hour time period of your choosing and our attendant will help everyone enjoy the fun!

Maybe you're one of those couples doing everything at one location? Ceremony, pictures and reception. You may be leaving for photos, but what will your guests be doing while you're gone?

This opens up the option of having the photo booth operating during cocktail hour and while your guests are waiting for you to return. Perhaps an hour or two will suit your needs here. 

Just be careful not to run into your speech time. You want speeches heard and you want everyone focused. The booth can get a bit rowdy! 

What we see most often is to have the photo booth open just as the dance beings and the DJ gets going with the tunes.

When the fun starts and the dance floor opens up, the photo booth begins to operate. Between the hours of around 8:30PM until 11:30PM or 9pm - 12am is quite common and man, do you get some pretty funny photos! People are already having so much fun, the atmosphere and the music puts everyone in a party mood, loosening them up into taking just as many goofy pictures as serious ones (if any serious ones at all!) 

Having it open as early as 8:30PM also allows it to be available to some older guests who may leave early in the night but can still get a few snap shots in before the leave, the same goes for children.

What are idle hours?

Idle hours can also be added onto your package. Idle hours are the hours in which the photo booth is set up and has been operated, but is now shut down and awaiting an hour or however long until you want to open it up again. 

If you decide to have one hour of the booth running during cocktail hour, shut down for speeches, and open up again for two more hours once the dance starts, leaving a couple hours in between, this is an example of using idle hours to fit your needs. 

At $50 per idle hour, this is an affordable option for most couples and give you tons of flexibility.  

So what will you do?...

Based on all of the options above, does something makes sense for your event yet? 

Once you look at your timeline, the location and how you simply pictured your day going, how you shape the timing of your photo booth should become more clear. Set it up how you want, knowing every couple is different in their own way, along with their wedding, which is what makes each so special. 

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