Pro Tips When Selecting Your MC

Firstly what is an Emcee/MC, and why do you need one? An Emcee or Master of Ceremonies (MC) is primarily someone who announces when things are going to happen and keep your reception on schedule. Your guests need to know when and where things are taking place. They assist with transitioning from dinner to speeches, and the dance without any severely awkward gaps of silence.

There are different approaches to choosing your MC. While most couples will automatically pick their closest friend, others will leave it all up to their DJ. Some will even consider hiring a professional.

Be sure to ask your DJ company if they are comfortable with MC duties. Not all DJ companies will offer this service and others will often charge more. In a lot of cases the MC is the communicator between the DJ, bride and groom. Tell your MC to introduce themselves to your DJ early in the evening to open the lines of communication.

Here are some things to consider before making the final decision. 

Choose someone who has personality. Your best friend may have some good stories to share and are responsible and reliable individuals. However that does not qualify them as great public speakers. A lot of people have "stage fright" and can get really awkward and quiet in front of an audience. Have someone take on this role who is comfortable with commanding attention, that speaks loudly and clearly.

Be sure to pick someone who is going to stay for the entire duration of evening. While many MC duties will end around the time of first dances, choose someone who is not dodging out to get to another event, and are present for your entire reception. Some people have a tendency to "disappear" at parties or social events, while others you are constantly dragging out of the smoke pit. You also want  to consider someone who can monitor their own drinking and has self control, specifically if you are having an open bar.

Select someone with excellent time-management and organizational skills. You want someone who will be finding you, and touching base with you regularly because the last thing you will be checking on your wedding day is the time. It's important your MC sticks to the timeline, you will have vendors coming and going throughout the reception if your falling behind schedule you may be paying all those vendors to stay overtime. 

Does your MC check off all these boxes?