How Many Requests Should We Give the DJ?
When assisting with the planning stages of a client's wedding, we're not always supplied with more than a few simple requests of what to play and not to play based on the tastes of the wedding couple. We encourage our clients to be active in their playlists, but for some it can be a daunting task. 

And then there are clients who, when we receive their reception itinerary form, have added more than two extra pages of song requests. Maybe it's the couples that are quite particular about their music preferences, or, maybe they've decided to include all of their guests recommendations as well. We don't judge and all are acceptable.

At Equinox Sound, we're all about making the reception, the dance, and the entertainment about our couples. We urge all wedding couples - even our own - that not providing enough for your DJ to work from, or going overboard with requests, can have an adverse effect on your goal, which is to ensure a fun evening of dancing!

An Example

Let's use the example of a client who adds a number of additional pages of requests to their forms. In many cases, we understand that a couple, or their guests, are only trying to help that DJ out. They want to make sure to share their music preferences so the DJ has a good read on what they like. That's a great gesture and DJ's do appreciate it.

But there is such a thing as timing. Not all requests will fit into a dance and where it becomes tricky is when it's not clearly explained to that DJ if the list should be followed to the letter or if these songs (many of which can be inappropriate for a wedding), or are just suggestions ultimately left to the DJ to use his/her professional experience and determine a yes or a no. 

Any DJ will get steered in a variety of directions and see a variety of people during a reception - some out to help, some not as much.  They key with requests, little or a lot, is the "must plays from our clients", which can make a difference to the overall success of the night. What songs are you absolutely requiring your DJ to play? What songs are not as important? What songs will set the mood of your event or mean something to someone special? 

Timing is crucial to any dance and normally when someone wants a song played they often want it on immediately, only considering themselves when making a request and not the entire room. Too many requests, we have to ignore them. Too few requests and we have to use our judgement of what's appropriate and what's not. 

Not sure we're being genuine? For fun, just take a look at some random tweets we found explaining the mentality of what a DJ may have to contend with while doing his job.

Music touches everyone differently and couples need to keep in mind the variations in any party crowd. You'll have friends your age, grandparents, sometimes kids and everything in between. Pick a few requests that will appease each part of your audience. 

By doing so, you'll be giving your DJ a chance to work your room with the music that will get everyone involved.