5 Non-Traditional Dinner Music Ideas

We have all attended a formal dinner event. Whether it's a wedding, corporate party, birthday, or charity party, it's more than likely going to sound the same during dinner from one event to the next. Typically you will hear the classic Instrumental Jazz, or the ballroom Frank Sinatra, Micheal Buble music playlists.

It's likely this early in the evening your guests won't be paying much attention to the music being played, instead enjoying a meal, cocktail, and good conversation. The only person who may notice or be listening is you (the client).  If this is your event, why not choose something a bit different or out of the ordinary that directly reflects your personality.

Here are a few unconventional idea's to spice up your cocktail hour!

Play some Top 40 / Alternative! Tread lightly with this one. You do not want to spoil popular dance hits, for example playing Uptown Funk during dinner is not the best choice, but sprinkling in the songs we all sing and bop to on the drive to work like; 7 years by Lukas Graham, Home by the Lumineers, Walk the Moon , Imagine Dragons, P!nk, the list goes on. You want light upbeat songs with positive/happy content. Most alternative music does not translate well on a fully packed dance floor so if you're a fan of this music placing it during dinner is a wise choice.

Pick Your Favorite Musical Numbers! If you are a big fan of musical theater you can make an incredible dinner playlist. Wizard of Oz, Wicked, Anne of Green Gables, Sweeney Todd, Grease, Nine, Hair, Hairspray, Phantom of the Opera, Cats, Chicago, Les Miserables, Rent, Annie, or West Side Story. There are hundreds of beautifully written scores and ballads for the fans of the arts!

Disney! We have all grown to know and love Disney. All great Disney films have incredible soundtracks and hits. There are a variety of great symphonies to catchy melodies. Highlight your fun, bubbly, childish personality by selecting songs from your favorite childhood films. Disney is also known for creating new artists for their preteen audience. If you have a heavy younger crowd you can choose songs from an artist they relate to like Hannah Montanna, Lizzie Mcguire, The Jonas Brothers etc.

Soundtracks, soundtracks, soundtracks! If you are a movie buff, this is the dinner list for you! Take yourself on a journey to space with music from Star Trek, Star Wars, Aliens, or The Fifth Element. Can't get enough Action? Choose music from Mission Impossible, Die Hard, Indiana Jones. Or Epic Films like Gladiator, 300, and Troy. There are many genres to choose from.

Video Game Music! This one is for the die-hard nerds of the world! Video Games have come a long way and there are some classics everyone should know that will stir up laughter in the crowd. Choose from timeless games like Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong, Duck Hunt, Pac Man, Mortal Kombat, or Sonic. You can also mix in some newer releases too like Call of Duty, Halo, or Silent Hill.

Any of the choices may help your guests indulge in conversation asking each other, "what movie is this from," or "I went to this show on Broadway once." If your guests are singing and nodding along in their seats while eating dinner then you made the right choices! Give your guests one more reason to never forget the night!