Trending Wedding Themes: Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, The Walking Dead

Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Walking Dead Wedding Theme

If you want your day to be a bit nontraditional and outside the box consider a themed wedding! You can choose classic themes like a masquerade ball, almost all genre's between the 50's - 90's, Hollywood, Marvel or DC comics, a sports party theme or one of the awesome theme's we've written this article about: Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, and The Walking Dead.

A themed wedding will get your guests involved and enjoying themselves as they partake in dressing up and participating in the unique activities throughout the evening.

In the last few years TV, and Movie themes have grown more popular then ever. Sometimes people get a bit too carried away with the theme and today we wanted to take a look at some do's and don'ts of some media themes we think you should take note of!

Game of Thrones

With each season aired the fan base grows. Season 4 reached approximately 19 million viewers. Even if your not a fan of the show it is easy to get inspired by the elegant medieval type gowns and beautifully braided hair. Because of the style and colors of this theme, it's wise to plan your wedding in fall or winter.

The Do's of a Game of Thrones wedding theme:

  • The dress. The costume designs for this series are out of this world. Very elegant but a lot of complexity is sure to overwhelm most gazing eyes in the best of ways. Make sure to get a dress shaped specifically for you so it can amplify your best features. You should feel like a queen or goddess, trading your veil in for a cape and hairband or crown. 

  • The hair. We already mentioned the braids. Time consuming but worth every minute!
  • The venue. A venue that is small and more intimate would work best - stone with high ceilings would be magnificent. Have an elegant buffet display with large roasted turkey or pig. A feast fit for a king, or go with a plated meal, after all royalty would not serve themselves.
  • Decor / lighting. Have fun with the decorations. Antlers. horns, fur, dark trees and greenery, and with dim lighting. This is an era there was no electricity so you are looking for a candle lighting affect. However if you are filming the event keep it bright.
  • Music. Nothing sets the tone like walking down the aisle to the theme song and playing the soundtrack while you and your guests are eating.
  • Considering playing a "Game of Thrones" aka musical chairs to get your guests lightened up interacting with one another. 

The Don'ts

  • Wigs / and weaves. This is your wedding day and you want to look natural and pure. Unless this is part of your everyday routine just avoid it!
  • Sword fight. It's just crossing the line. You are celebrating love, and there will be no bloodshed at this wedding. Not to mention the liability if anyone gets hurt. Would you want the most memorable moment for your guests to be the ambulance showing up? Best keep it at home!
  • Speeches. Unless your a trained actor please do not try to put on an accent or speak in old English. Again your just taking it to far. You want your guests to clearly hear your speeches, it would just be distracting as your guests will only be thinking "why are they talking like that?" 
Keep in mind not every one of your guests have watched the show. Keep it light and fun without being to serious.  

Harry Potter

With 3 new films in the works, and the first to be released in November 2016 we don't think this trend will be fading away anytime soon. Dive into a world of fantasy with this fun theme as the possibilities are endless in the world of witches, wizards, goblins, dragons, and giants just to name a few. 

The Do's of a Harry Potter wedding theme:

Harry Potter themed wedding

  • Hogwarts house colors: red, yellow, green, and blue. Really sets the Harry Potter tone to see your bridal party and guests dressed in these colors while the bride and groom keep their look traditional. 
Harry Potter Wedding Cakes - Themed Wedding

  • Cakes. With almost endless options to choose from, you could create a very unique and magical cake, all you need is a bit of restraint otherwise your cake might become a bit too extravagant. 

  • Guest book of monsters. Plan an evening with your Fiance, or bridal party and craft up this unique guest book. It's one of the things you will keep forever so you should have fun with this one! 

  • Wand aisle run. Have a wand set at everyone's table as party favors. Enter and exit your reception by having your guests line up on each side of the entrance and hold up their wands. If you also provide a sparkler for guests they an hold it up as well to really create something magical!
  • Music. Nothing will bring a rush of nostalgia and t is always a great idea to incorporate music from the soundtrack into your day. Because the music is mostly dark and ominous you should limit it to selected special moments and dinner music. Pick songs that are meaningful to you as a couple for your first dance.

  • Play a unique game of Quidditch. There are a number of different ways to play this game. You could do a small "Hoop Toss" style version. If you have a number of kids attending this will certainly help keep them entertained. For a more adult only reception try doing "Quidditch Pong" essentially beer pong with a twist you have to bounce your ball through one of 3 hoops and then into the cup. If the weather permits and you have a large enough outdoor space team up your guests and play a large game. If your ceremony is in the morning you could organize this activity for the afternoon.

  • Candy Table. Harry Potter has some the most unique an unusual candy and its a very iconic part of this world, much like willy-wonka to us muggles.. They are always a popular hit for your guests, specifically the kids at receptions. Keep the cost low and get creative just have fun with it!

The Don'ts

  • Having your photographer add magic into the editing of all your photos. Editing is a long and time consuming process in itself and your just adding to the grueling process if you want effects. A photographers time is worth a lot of money. This is also something that may not need to be done right away but something you could add to them in the future.  

  • Having a real owl as your ring bearer. Remember the owls and pets in harry potter are a fantasy and not real. Just don't!
  • Fantastical exotic food. Don't veer to far from typical dining food like turkey, ham, roast. If your guests want to experience eating something a little more foreign like alligator and frog legs they will do that for themselves. You don't want your guests scattering out early because they are hungry today is not a day to experiment. 
Watch your budget. It is easy to get carried away with things when doing a theme. Don't wear yourself thin with including too many small details that are not necessary. 

The Walking Dead

This one may be a bit Morbid, but if you like a bit of shock value and have a fascination with the living dead, why not celebrate with this theme. This event would not be traditional by any means. There is a lot to have fun with but there are a number of things to consider. Tread lightly with this one.

The Do's of a Walking Dead wedding theme:

  • Ask your family. Specifically if they are footing the bill for this event.  Not only have you been dreaming about your wedding from a young toddler, but so have your parents. You should include both sides in the decision. 

  • Make up. Its not an apocalypse wedding without any zombies. Trade your typical make up artist for someone that has has a passion for special effects make up. Have your artist there for most of the day and offer your guests a chance to be turned into a zombie!! Encourage your guests to attend in costume. 

  • Creepy cocktails. Don't put as much money into the decorations as you would a typical wedding. Keep it bare, keep it minimal. Invest in some freaky drinks for your guests to indulge in.  Brains and blood that are not only fun to talk about and look at but also taste phenomenal. After a couple your friends will be warmed up and getting more into your theme. 

  • Entertainment. Have your band or DJ participate in the theme by also dressing up and including a variety of music. Get everyone lined up and teach them Micheal Jackson's Thriller dance moves!!

The Don'ts:

  • Include kids. This is an adult theme it is graphic and may be explicit. Children are extremely sensitive. Even if your friends are pushing to have their child attend we suggest standing your ground.
  • Stage a zombie attack. You've already accomplished some shock value by going with this idea in the first place. Don't push your guests too far and put them in a situation that makes them uncomfortable. They may never attend one of your functions again. If it is something you think must happen think of something humorous like a pack of zombie drag queens who want new shoes instead of brains. 

  • Cemetery venue. At first glance it seems like a good idea. A venue like a cemetery would really set the tone and drive your theme home, but also sounds a lot like bad karma. A lost life should be celebrated, but it could be disrespectful to celebrate on top of those lost lives. You may not get as many RSVP's as you had hoped for as locations like these make most people uncomfortable. Instead of having your ceremony / reception held there consider a few a photos at one with your photographer. 
Even though this is your day you should always consider your guests. You need to have a balance of keeping the day creepy but also light, fun, and full of love.