Our bi-annual Make Us An Offer Days have officially started, and like the old saying goes "all good things come to an end," this offer will close April 30th at 7pm!!

So far the sale has been another huge success, we started accepting offers on this promotion on Saturday, April 23, 2016, and they came rolling in quickly.We continue to get more offers as we get closer to the final days of our promotion. Please keep in mind available dates can fill up quickly but here are a few popular dates we still have a couple spots for any one or more of our services:

2016 June 11, and 18
2016 July 2, and 9
2016 August 6, 13, and 20

We have booked a number of dates we were looking to fill with this promotion and have sold out on some of our services on popular Saturdays. Some of our clients that chose only one of our services have now added additional services and we couldn't be more pleased! There is no greater feeling of accomplishment when we are able to provide a service for our clients after it was originally thought to be well out of their budget.

It's tough to describe the fun we have here. We pride ourselves on our professionalism but sometimes can't help but become filled with laughter after seeing someone's face light up like they have won the lottery when we tell them "Your offer has been accepted!"

Have you secured all your vendors already and paid deposits? That's great! Use us a tool to get more out of the package you have already secured. Even if we are not a part of your special day, we are happy to provide free information so you can make the most informed decision that suits your needs. We get called often because other vendors have either overbooked or cancelled a service last minute. Keep our information close and as a backup plan.

Remember, only two days are left to make us an offer! We've turned down or renegotiated only a few so far, so this is great news for clients looking to get a great value for their event.