Beyoncé: Re-Invents Herself Again and Remains the Queen of R&B

Beyoncé shakes the world and breaks records once again with the release of her 6th solo studio album: Lemonade. She launched this album with a full music video that aired on HBO Saturday April 23, 2016.

Back in 2013, she launched a secret album - no promotions at all - and relied on her dedicated fans to market it for her; giving each fan a little feeling of exclusivity for finding it which is not an easy feat especially for someone with such a large fan base. She's been shaking the industry for years, and is able to do so, due to her untouchable status and strong, independent character traits.

This time around fans were aware of Lemonade and that she had been working on it for quite some time, to say the least. The surprise was the HBO video. It showed us a glimpse into Beyoncé's personal life and just how much she's ruled by her emotions. The music 'movie' is a trend we imagine other stars might follow. On the day after her special aired, Beyoncé sold over 200, 000 album copies and is on track to hit platinum by the end of the week.

There's a lot to say about this album and a lot of controversial opinions:

"Marital strife smolders, explodes and uneasily subsides on Lemonade, the album Beyoncé flash-released on Saturday night.” – New York Times

“In contrast to 2013’s luxurious BeyoncéLemonade is very much about romantic strife…” –TIME
“Lemonade tell us that she’s engaged in the national conversation on race, class, gender and feminism, even though she does so from a vantage point of being an immensely talented first among equals.” – Rolling Stone
“So there’s Lemonade, the visual album, whatever that is. (By the way, it’s powerful, and feminist, and unapologetic-ally black, and transfixing, and gorgeous, and assured, and weird, and confusing, and dumb, and groundbreaking.) But hey: Is the music any good?” – The Daily Beast
"This is disgraceful conduct, and her placement in the "Parthenon of Superstar Idols" needs to come down. This isn't entertainment, it's an outrage, and it's idolatry if we justify it. Our impressionable children are at stake." Larry Tomczak
The album feel is very raw, dark, and deep. The main theme and focus is betrayal, and jealousy, but also how to overcome and find forgiveness. She speaks open and freely about race and other touchy subjects. The content is highly X- Rated. Currently there is no drama between the singer and husband Jay-Z this album is simply an artistic expression of some traumatic events that are now in past.

We don't predict any of the songs from this album are going to blow up reception dance floors this season as the content is a little depressing for someones wedding day. You could consider All Night as a first dance song.

However, we should not easily forget these gems that are always a huge success for the appropriate moments in a wedding reception:

Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)
Drunk In Love
Crazy In Love
Best Thing I Ever Had
Run The World
Love On Top