A Look Inside Edmonton's Best Venues: Yellowhead Brewery

Today we kick off a short series of videos which highlight some of the best venues in Edmonton to host your wedding or corporate event. All of the venues selected are ones with unique style, warm hospitality, attention to detail and with whom we have a wonderful relationship. We are excited to share these venues with you!


The venue we are focusing on here is Yellowhead Brewery. Located just two blocks from Jasper Avenue on 105 Street in the heart of downtown Edmonton, Yellowhead Brewery is easy to access. Whether your guests drive or take public transit, there isn't much difficulty in finding parking next door at the parkade, on the street or a close bus or LRT stop.

The building is beautiful and historic, walled with brickwork and rustic wood furniture. They even have a fur covering their central booth bench next to the bar giving it a western saloon quality. The lighting is dim but elegant with strings of lights draping across the ceiling. Hanging window frames ornament the walls behind the stage, which is small, but effective, where we have provided services for corporate parties, wedding ceremonies and receptions.

The venue space is divided half with brick and half with clear glass from the Brewery so your guests can enjoy watching them brew whatever new and innovative recipe they have in the works. This is not distracting in the slightest but enhances the historic rustic feel of the overall venue. Where else can you have an event in Edmonton that boasts beers brewed in house.

The staff are wonderfully accommodating, hospitable and have keen attention to detail. We at Equinox Sound & Entertainment have no doubt that you will have a wonderful experience at Yellowhead Brewery, but don't take our written word for it, have a look at the video we made to feature all that is Yellowhead Brewery.

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