Product Review : Chauvet Colorband-Pix-M

Music is the life of your party but lighting will set the mood and tone for the evening. Just adding a few fixtures around a room makes the most boring of spaces pop and come alive! 

Today's product review is on the Chauvet Colorband Pix-M. 

This light is great to wash the dance floor with a series of moving or still colors. It makes for a great up-lighting option for any venue as well.

We added four of these lights to our inventory, and this week we got some time to play with them and check out their features.

This lighting fixture has a motor to control the angle of light which makes it unique from most color bars or strips. This cool feature can be a time saver when lighting up the room. Set all the lights to slave mode (refer to manual, but in simple terms... each slave light mimics the settings of the master light), link them together through DMX. Set the angle and color desired and presto you have an elegant and unique space! 

These fixtures have 7 preset colors built in, as well as color mixing capability. Meaning any color you want you can achieve. Simply mix the primary colors red, green, and blue together to find the perfect mix that meets the needs of the event. 

There are also 14 different chase/auto programs that allow you to control the speed of the program. The fixtures are capable of sound mode with a built in microphone to pick up the bass and follow the beat. This is a fun and easy way to turn up the heat at any event. If your fixtures are still linked together and set to a color switch your master fixture to sound mode or an auto program when it is time for the dance!
Chauvet Colorband Pix M - Equinox Sound Review

The fixtures are very low in power, you can link up to 8 on a single circuit and chain all the power together. They have high powered LEDs that will climb up to 12 feet before fading.  There are unlimited possibilities from interesting backgrounds, to dance floor, or unique shadow images.