Most Common Mistakes Your Calgary DJ’s Are Making

Unfortunately mistakes made at weddings, especially by the DJ don't get noticed or rectified until it's too late. Either the dance floor is pumping and people clear like an episode of "The Walking Dead" or guests don't communicate and the party ends with everyone feeling like they really didn't have a good time. 

This article is intended to help you avoid these mistakes with unprofessional, rookie or non-wedding DJ services. Don't just ask what a DJ costs, ask questions related to the below known issues facing couples far too often. 

Mistake 1:

Not Taking Requests/ not playing given Song List/ not prepared with specific song requests

This is the most common complaint among nearly all DJ companies. There could be many reasons why a DJ may choose to not play certain requests  ie; inappropriate content, can’t find/ don’t have the song, or the song does not fit the crowd.  

For the betterment of the overall party and the experience for the majority of your guests, your DJ may be extremely justified to not play certain requests. However, the only good reason to deny popular party reception hits would be because those songs are on the couples DO NOT PLAY LIST. If your DJ did not come prepared with the correct songs for important times of the night such as entrance, or first dance, etc something went really wrong between the DJ, company office staff and the client(s).  You could have the best DJ in the city, but if they are not well organized it can quickly turn your event into a disaster. Always do a bit of research  before booking a DJ and homework with the DJ service after deciding on them.

Mistake 2: 

Dirty Tracks

We are living in a new age where nearly every new song has some type of curse language, or sexual content. The guests at any wedding or event range from possibly young children, to great grandpas and grandmas. When you play a track with bad language, you can really offend different types of people in the room. Make sure your DJ is only going to play clean songs, and that he will keep it age appropriate until the young, and old guests leave. Even playing clean tracks of certain songs could send your guests home early, this is where it comes very important to find someone who knows how to read the crowd.

Mistake 3:

1st Time DJ

What a scary thought, specifically on your special day! Your entertainment shows up and announces it’s his first show ever! Yes companies often have to find new employees, so there is a possibility this may happen, but your wedding should never be a DJ's first gig! 

No good reputable company is going to send a rookie DJ to do an event on their own; not without first at least training and shadowing with experienced DJ's for an extended period of time. Yes it may be their initial time as a solo DJ, however the weeks leading up to this event should have included this DJ being to multiple weddings prior to yours. 

If this is something you are worried about, make sure you hire a company who offer back up DJs or make upgraded options available to you. You should be able to ask and pay more for a more experienced DJ. 

Mistake 4:

Too loud/ Not loud enough

Everyone enjoys music differently. Some like it so loud the ground shakes. Others want to be able to converse over the music. In either case, you should be provided with good quality gear that puts out a clean and even sound. 

There are some general rules to consider on music volume. When you’re asking for the level to be turned up you should keep in mind what time it is and where you are. Some venues have a limit to noise level. For example, hotels often have guests that are sleeping while your party is just heating up. These hotels need to make sure these guests are not being disturbed by noise past a certain time or they are not going to get bookings or recommendations. For the DJ's working events at these locations, it’s important to keep good relationships with venues. Venues will not be recommending a DJ company that does not comply with their rules. 

These are just some of the mistakes DJ companies are making. You can avoid these mistakes happening at your event by taking the proper precautions and asking the proper questions. 

If for some reason a mistake does happen and you took the proper steps, before you leave a negative comment online, discuss your concerns privately with the company. They may have been justified in something you have a complaint about. Generally an honest person will do what it takes to work it out and get a recommendation. No one wants to feel misunderstood.