What's a Bridal Fantasy?

Bridal Booths

Yesterday a few of us from Equinox Sound & Entertainment hosted a booth at Edmonton's Bridal Fantasy Expo. This festive occasion happens twice a year in Edmonton and Calgary, and has been a biannual ritual for us over a number of years. 

When Ideals Meet the Inlaws

If you're newly engaged or looking to be, it can often be a daunting pursuit trying to wrangle together all the seemingly endless details of wedding preparations. Add to that the stress of including long lost friends, distant relatives and opinionated in-laws. Suffice to say you are in the thick of it or about to be and we bet you're looking for every angle you can get to still have that perfect day you've imagined.

Two Bridal Necessities

Effective time management and thorough research are two of the greatest necessities in pursuing any dream. A wedding is not just a dream, but the culmination of dreams, fantasies, expectations, imaginings over years. Then in it's execution intended to be dreamlike in ways no other event even attempts. In order to pull all of this off your time management and research skills will have to match that of dreams as well. The Bridal Fantasy Expo is here to help you pull off your dream wedding!

What Is a Bridal Fantasy?

It is the combined effort of over one hundred venues in the region to show how they can make your wedding day idyllic. You imagine what your wedding needs and a company offering that service is most likely represented. Wedding dress retailers, limousine rentals, venues, destination wedding travel agencies, catering services, ice creameries and of course DJ, photobooth, video and photography companies.

If you are trying to forgo the cost of a wedding planner, an even like this is enormously advantageous. To see so many vendors all in one place and to be able to compare them with one another all while they vie for your attention. Often they have promotions and discounts and for some it is one of the few times you will get to see and experience exactly what it is that they do before your big day. All this for under twenty dollars per admission. It is most certainly the most effective use of your time and money.

If you'd like to see us at the next Bridal Fantasy Expo, head on over to www.bridalfantasy.com to see when the next one starts!