Thinking about adding a New Twist on your Annual Event?

Having the same party year in and year out? Getting tired of the conventional dinner and dance? Why not try and mix things up a bit by getting a comedian, hypnotist, or a DJ that can play games, or karaoke? 

Any one of these options can take your event from “it was a good night,” to “That was the best party ever!” The last thing you want is a party where the same thing happens every year and you hear whispers of “I hope I never have to sit through another one of those events again.”

So what do you choose to spice the night up?

Perhaps you could hire a comedian to perform stand-up between dinner and the dance. This could fill the night with laughter and could be a very memorable experience for your guests. Just be cautious of your audience. Many comedians use language and other explicit content inappropriate for children. You could also have guests sensitive to political or other material and you'll want to ensure you've done a little research on the material of your hired comedian. 

Having a kids party? You could get a comedian that is dedicated to child entertainment. Just don't send the kids comedian to the adult party and visa versa and you should be set.

Another alternative would be a hypnosis show, which is almost always entertaining. Imagine your boss or family member doing the chicken dance in front of all his/her employees! Almost guaranteed to make for lasting memories and endless conversations after the party. 

Did you know that anyone can fall under hypnosis while watching a hypnosis show even if they didn’t volunteer to be hypnotized? Some people are more prone to “brain washing” than others. Because of this, our advice, to avoid nervous tension or risk attendees choosing not to participate, is to let everyone know this is happening in advance.

There is always karaoke! Karaoke can be a good way to showcase talents of your guests and opens up the floor to more interaction with the entertainment for the night. Your guests can choose the songs they want to listen to and even the worst of singers can be very entertaining.  

But there are a few circumstances this could go completely wrong and the biggest one is NO PARTICIPANTS. You paid extra money for the option, but not a single person wants to sing! Maybe, one person monopolizes the whole night and it's all downhill from there. Best to ask your audience beforehand if they would want to do some karaoke in-between dancing, just to be sure you’re not wasting all that money.

If you’re looking for something that is not going to offend even the most sensitive person, games are the way to go! There are endless games you can play at wedding, or any kind of party! From trivia games like Name That Tune, POP Culture, Jeopardy, etc. Interactive games such as charades or Minute to Win It. Any of these can be played in groups; if someone doesn’t wish to participate they don’t have to, just cheer on your team! This will get your guests loosened up and relaxed, ready to enjoy a great evening among friends, family, and or co-workers.

Whatever the choice, it will be a memorable party. Good or bad, people will be talking about the experience for the next few weeks to come.