The Importance of Photography

Whether you like it or not your memories are inevitably going to fade. They will slowly become a build-up of what actually happened, what you think maybe happened, and a few details that just didn't happen at all. Capturing these memories with photos is the finest way to preserve and cherish the most important moments.

It’s a fact I don’t think any of us can deny; photography is something that is full of purpose and should not be neglected or forgotten for an event as special as a wedding.

Now that we've established the irrefutable truth that pictures are something each and every one of us can treasure for a lifetime, it needs to be said that it takes true talent to capture the value and love in any given moment through the lens of a camera. Professional photographers are able to find beauty in the strangest places, places you never thought possible and compose pictures to emphasize emotion the way our eyes sometimes cannot.

Equinox Sound Photo Sample - CarmenFor example, you have three young kids and your house looks like a war zone; just with toys and spilt sippy cups. When a photographer comes in and is snapping candid shots here and there suddenly the war zone has transformed into a home full of life and love. So now, when the time comes that those three little children have gone off to college and you would give anything to relive those days of diapers and dolls, you can.

Photographs are a constant reminder of all our important moments, and a permanent link to the people we love the most.

Sometimes, it's not so much about the photographer's skills and knowledge but creating an environment that warms people up to take a photo of them at their happiest. At weddings, people are happy to be around family and friends and in the presence of love so they already have the look. This is why our photobooths are such a hit at weddings.

Equinox Sound Photobooths
So, for your next special event keep Equinox Sound in mind and give us a call to see how we can transform your event with a photography package made custom for you.

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