People remember the party, not the details

As you plan your wedding for 2016, it can be all too easy to get sucked in to all the wedding magazines and websites that will take you on all kinds of tangents of inspiration you hadn't even dreamed of. This, of course, will result in planning an over-the-top wedding that you could never afford.

When you fall back to reality, you'll be forced to cut some of the details you've already chosen. How do you decide what stays and what goes? 

The best advice we can give you is: "People remember the party, not the details," so focus more of your energy and money on things like the music, food, booze, and flow of the evening. Save the cost on things like table details.

What can go?

Grow Your Own Wedding Flowers
Plants instead of flowers - some couples have gone a different route when it comes to floral decor by growing their own centerpieces ~6 months in advance. They are cheap and look great, and one of the most underrated benefits is that you can check that task off your list early since you won't be on the timeline of dying flowers.

Go with a dessert bar - Rather than your caterer or venue serving dessert which can be sufficiently pricy, you can buy a bunch of different cakes (and even pies and cookies) from a grocery store and setup all your variations as a "bar" and save. Plus it looks pretty!

For everyone looking to hire a friend to replace a service, make sure to pay them! Setup a contract and agreement for their services because, unfortunately, people just aren't reliable unless you have a contract. Hiring a friend can definitely save you some money or at least get you a discounted rate. The friends who refuse payment are astronomically more likely to drop out before your event, leaving you to scramble AND pay full price for the services they had offered. 

If a photobooth is out of your price range - You can purchase a tripod for relatively cheap and a remote control for an iPhone/iPad on Amazon and set that up in a corner as a "photobooth." Guests loved it and took hundreds of hilarious photos. You won't be able to print them but you can upload all of them to facebook after the event. We certainly don't recommend going DIY photobooth route because of how many problems we've seen them create but if you know you aren't one to stress over a little technical issue and are quite savvy yourself, this could be a great option to save some money. 

So what should stay?

Don't cheap out on music/entertainment - It's a fact that your guests will remember the entertainment of the night. While you are chatting it up and focused on 1200 other things going on for you, what will your guests be focused on? Hiring a family friend to DJ or an entertainer from kijiji with the expectation that the night will go smoothly is one tall order. If you've seen them in action, that's one thing, but for the most part their inexperience will lead to disappointment as there are a lot of factors that are required to ensure a good evening. A good DJ will not only play a selection of music that everyone can enjoy, they will help the MC guide the night through all the essentials events and give the night some rhythm and smoothness which is definitely an underrated factor. Some other overlooked details that cheap DJ's can't offer:
  • guaranteed backups in case of emergencies.
  • licensing and insurance which means they technically aren't allowed to play any music you would give them. It's also likely they aren't paying for their library. 
  • equipment backups
At Equinox Sound, we will also take care of AV equipment rentals and other technical tasks that can create a headache for you. A lot of the time, venues will offer their services in this area but charge quite a lot more than DJ companies. So book from your DJ, save AND have all everything managed for you. 

Photographers - it seems these days anyone with $600 can pickup a DSLR camera and call themself a wedding photographer - but don't make the same mistake as the couples who book without checking into the photographers portfolio because the price tag sounds good. Unlike all the small details of your wedding, the photos will last a lifetime and will sit on relatives shelves and mounted on your walls. The price may not sound right but the years of experience and equipment surely does make a huge difference in the end result.