Should You Ask For Your Guests Input for Wedding Music Selection?

In our experience, guests tend to have a better time if they can participate in activities at a wedding. One way guests will feel included is by making song requests directly to the DJ. We ecnourage it as it closes the gap between what the DJ thinks should be played and what the guests actually want to dance to. Our DJ's are pretty good at doing this just from observing but it can certainly take the party to the next level if the right songs are requested.

Song Request Wedding Invitation
We believe that you should allow song requests on your wedding night but it might not be a good idea to ask guests for their requests on the wedding invite. It's popular to include a question along the lines of "What is a song that will get you on the dancefloor?" but how can this affect the DJ and how your night goes?

Well, for starters, most people will request a popular song that would have been played some point in the night anyway. It's possible they'll feel good knowing their input was appreciated but not enough to make a difference.

The most apparent issue is obscure or "bad" song requests. Songs that nobody will want to dance to or songs that could actually ruin the atmosphere for the moment; to see what some of those songs are, we've written an article which you can view here: The Worst Songs to Play at Your Wedding Reception. Guests might get offended that you asked for their input but didn't even play their request.

Another issue arises when the DJ has to prioritize hundreds of song requests all while trying to read the crowd and control the flow. It sucks up the DJ's focus and makes their job harder. If all of your guests happen to be perfect judges of what music should be played at your wedding, then it could in fact make things smoother but who are we kidding, they aren't and if they were, you wouldn't need a DJ.

If you are unsure of the type of music you'd like at your wedding, this is a great way to get some recommendations. Not all the song requests have to be passed on to the DJ, only the ones you've approved. Based on past clients, this would really only apply to about 10% of couples.

So, when is it a good idea to ask your guests

► If you know your guests music tastes and don't have to worry about "bad" requests
► If you love every genre and want the DJ just to play from a list

► If you are having an smaller wedding (less than 80 guests)

► If you intend on going through the song choices and only passing on some of them to the DJ

When is it a bad idea

► If you and your fiance are already opinionated. Don't hand the DJ a song list with over 200 songs. It is impossible to play everyone's request which results in the DJ having to make decisions about whose songs should take priority over others

► If you have a large guest list (more than 120 guests)