How to Make Your Edmonton Holiday Party Stand Out

How to make your Edmonton holiday party stand out

Every holiday season we are met with the question along the lines of: "we want to have a party that is better than last years but without extending our budget, any idea how we can achieve that?"

Well, that really doesn't give us a lot of room to play; the phrase "you get what you pay for" quickly comes to mind. If we are able to work with a bit larger budget, we can offer games and custom activities. Have a holiday theme? Great, we can match a theme with a game of Name That Tune!

However, we've come up with some ideas that you can use to spice up the party and make people want to stay past 10pm.

1. Have a theme for the party

Incorporating a theme into your party is a great way for people to loosen up and feel comfortable socializing. Match it with a menu and we'll happily accommodate some fitting music to create whatever atmosphere you're going for; whether it's wacky and ominous music for Nightmare Before Christmas or silly and adventurous music for a Chocolate Factory theme.

2. Have activities for your guests

Chatting and socializing with work colleagues can be fun and in some cases, more than enough; however, most people will need some other engagement to get them to stay a little bit longer. A great DJ who will get the crowd dancing is always a great way to do this but other alternatives include:

Team Trivia

Separate the crowd into groups and ask trivia questions about Christmas music and movies (find some questions here for National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation). If a team answers a question correctly, they get a point. If they fail to come up with the right answer, move onto the next team until it's answered. Provide prizes based on points such as a few stuffed stocking with silly prizes in all of them but one. 

Ornament on a Spoon

Identical to egg on a spoon but replaced with an ornament. 

Guess How Many

Decorate a Christmas tree with ornaments and reward the person who comes closest to guessing the correct number. 

3. Setup a photo op

It's not every weekend that couples get to dress up in their finest and get their picture taken. Get a photo booth and set it up to match the style you are going for. A photo booth doesn't have to be the same at every event. To make a classy style template, use minimal branding and only have 1 photo print out across the whole 4x6 print.

4. Allow mingling during dinner

It's not required to have a seated dinner. You can plan to have smaller tables eating together but allow each guest to move around and sit with other tables. To do this, choose a more casual menu and keep food served during during the duration of the night.

5. Have a white elephant gift exchange

Most office staff don't want another chore of going out and buying a gift to exchange for something else they most likely don't want. Try a white elephant gift exchange and set the rules to re-gifting or items that people already owned. Some of the gifts will inevitably be hilarious. 

6. Go to a comedy club

Go out for dinner followed by the rest of the evening seeing some stand up comedy. This option doesn't work so well if you have a ton of office staff but is certainly something that people will look forward to.