Reasons To Have Your Wedding In The Winter

If you are eager to have your wedding in the winter you might be:

1. Dreaming of getting a winter snowfall wedding photo

Winter snowfall wedding photo

Winter months make for some gorgeous photos with the elegant and soft snowfall in the background. It doesn't work out in the couples favor every time, but when it does, is it ever beautiful.

2. Planning your wedding in the mountains

Nothing quite compares to a winter getaway in the mountains. The possibilities to get wedding photos in ski gear on the slopes or under the moonlight snowfall are truly amazing. It might be cold, but 20 years down the road, it'll be worth having that framed photograph.

3. If you are a fair-skinned bride

With a bright white background such as a snowy mountain, it’s hard to argue a time you will look more gorgeous. Some people just suit the winter atmosphere better than others, and if you are one of those people, it’s a perfectly valid reason to have your wedding in the winter. If you hate the hot sun, chances are you glow in winter, and, out of all the seasons, your best chance for dressing up like a princess is in winter. Choose colors that compliment and contrast well with your fair skin and the snow such as: forest green, cherry red, deep teal, or bamboo yellow.

4. Excited for a cozy wedding

cozy winter wedding

If you and your fiance love having a glass of wine infront of the fire, maybe reading a book or watching a movie, a winter wedding can be the pinnacle of relaxed atmospheres. Offer hot chocolate mix, candy cane bark, winter soup mix or winter candles as your wedding favours.

If any of those are the reasons for having your wedding in the winter, great! We stand by your decision. If you are excited about your winter wedding and it's not because one of the reasons above, I'd like to know what made you choose the winter. For the rest of you, you might be looking into a winter wedding because:

• You're trying to save some money
• You waited too long to book your venue
• You are planning to have your wedding during the Christmas break
• All the best services were already booked for summer weddings

If one or more of those are the case, I've got some great news: there are more perks that you maybe didn't consider and will make you glad you chose to have your wedding in the winter.

Rainy wedding

No chance of being rained out. At least in winter, everyone expects winter weather. You won't have to make any last minute decisions or plan for emergencies unless you are going to get hit with a blizzard.

Find cheaper honeymoon destinations and get out of the cold. Having your wedding in summer means a lot of people will be on vacation which result in hiked up prices of many destinations. Another thing to remember is how hot tropical vacation spots are in the summertime. At least if you leave for your honeymoon in winter, it's a great escape from the cold into perfect, sunny temperatures

Classy, winter music. Bring out some winter favourites like Michael Buble, Josh Groban and even Bing Crosby. Everyone has their wedding in the summer Be unique and give your friends something else to do in winter other than watch Netflix.