The Pros and Cons of Having a Small Wedding Reception

Pros and Cons of Having a Small Wedding - Edmonton Equinox Sound


  1. You share one of the most important days of your life being surrounded with people you are close with and love

    Have you ever been to a huge wedding? You might only talk to a quarter of the other guests and be lucky to talk to the bride and groom for longer than a few seconds. With a small wedding, you can chat with everyone and remember each moment for how much closer you became.
  2. Save quite a bit of money

    Less of everything including food, drinks, gifts, and even space. Being able to choose from smaller venues will leave you with more options as well.
  3. You can ask your guests to get involved

    Having guests help with certain tasks can actually be enjoyable with a small wedding as it doesn't feel like an assembly line to create invitations or decorations etc...
  4. You won't be as nervous or stressed

    Bad at speeches? Nervous your guests won't get along with the other side of the family? The chances of something going wrong at a smaller wedding is significantly lower and for that reason, your stress levels should be minimal compared to a 250 person reception.
  5. You really can make your wedding unique

    Go ahead and do something different. The people in attendance will remember it while they forget the other weddings they've been to. If you have a big wedding, it's quite difficult to do something unique without something else going wrong as you're already stressed and preoccupied with other details to fulfill your guests requests.


  1. Uninvited guests could get upset

    With a smaller wedding, there is an extremely good chance that you're going to have to say no to inviting distant friends and relatives. Hopefully most of them will understand but more times often than not, at least a few people will have their feelings hurt.
  2. Choosing who to not invite may cause conflict between you and your fiance or parents

    It's likely one person will have to say no to more guests from their side of the family. This can easily cause some friction as it definitely seem unfair. Parents can also put pressure on you and your fiance about who you choose to invite.
  3. Fewer wedding gifts

    No one is getting married for the gifts but hey, they sure are hard to say no to. Fewer guests, means fewer gifts.
  4. Might have to give up the fairytale wedding

    It just doesn't make sense to book a huge venue for a small reception. It also won't feel the same as you imagined if you less than 50 guests however, you can spend more money on each area of your wedding and really go after certain components of your dream wedding.
All in all, I think the pros outweigh the cons but that doesn't say much as each and everyone has to decide for themselves. After reading about the opinions of those who have been there and done that, some couples wish they could have a "do over" wedding and do it much bigger while many didn't have one regret with their 10 person reception.