Inside Your Groom's Head On Your Wedding Day

Inside Your Groom's Head On Your Wedding Day

  1. Getting Ready

    What You Hope He's Thinking
    I can't believe this is actually about to happen. How has she not been taken yet?
    I thought I'd be nervous but, knowing I am going to have her as my wife soon, I feel completely confident.
    I can't wait to see her in her dress. She will be the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.
    What He's Actually Thinking
    Is it possible to sweat through 3 layers?
    I hope her family thinks I look good enough to marry her.
    I wonder how much she will cry during her vows.
  2. As You Are Walking Down The Aisle

    What You Hope He's Thinking
    I'm speechless.
    Wow, my bride is so beautiful.
    How did I get so lucky?
    This is the best decision I've ever made.
    What He's Actually Thinking
    How did I fool her into marrying me?
    I really need to pee.
    Don't cry. Don't cry.
    There she is! The only woman I'll be with ever again. Oh god, what have I done?
    She looks beautiful. Why did I ever question this?
    Man, I'm sweating a lot.
    I'm smiling like an idiot.
    Is her dad crying? Are they tears of joy? Maybe he hates me.
  3. While You Exchange Vows

    What You Hope He's Thinking
    It's impossible to put the way I feel about her into words.
    I can't wait to kiss her.
    What He's Actually Thinking
    Did he just say, "Repeat after me"? I should pay attention.
    I think I said that all right.
    Thank god my voice didn't crack.
    I hope my vows are as good as hers.
  4. During Speeches

    What You Hope He's Thinking
    My wife's speech was amazing.
    I am so thankful to become part of such a great family.
    I can't wait for the first dance.
    What He's Actually Thinking
    How much can I drink?
    Did you google that speech?
    This clinking is excessive.
    Let's just pray my best man's speech doesn't make me look too bad.
    Did her parents just threaten me?
  5. During Your First Dance Together

    What You Hope He's Thinking
    I am the luckiest guy in the room.
    Things will never be as perfect as this moment.
    Everyone in the room is probably a little jealous of me right now.
    What He's Actually Thinking
    I'm not good when all the attention is on me.
    Maybe if we chat and laugh people won't notice how bad of a dancer I am.
    Why did we choose such a long song?
    She will be impressed with my newly learned dance skills.
    I wonder if I could slip away during the second dance.