The Best 5 Apps For Planning Your Wedding

There are quite a few wedding planning apps available yet only a few of them really shine. Some don't work well without a decent internet connection while others development standards were lacking. On our list, we've compiled apps that will significantly help you plan your wedding and turn some of the stressful chores into being fun tasks.
  1. Evernote (free) Note Taking and Group Sharing

    iOS | Android
    The app that let's you categorize your notes a touch better than google drive with a few added features. Share notebooks to split your notes into groups (for e.g. share a notebook with your fiance, a different one with your wedding planner or bridesmaids) which will allow you to stay organized without having to haul around a ginormous binder. You can use Evernote to track your budget, manage RSVP's, save images for inspiration and even to store venue/vendor contact information.
    Here is a great read on some alternative apps for note-taking and how they stack up versus Evernote.
  2. All Seated (free) Floor Plans and Guest Seating

    The All-Seated online application has a few extras that go beyond Excel. You can import your Facebook contacts or a spreadsheet and put people into multiple lists, like wedding party and morning-after brunch. You can also use your venue’s floor plan to preview how you’d like the tables and chairs set up, then make your seating chart. It’s not going to magically help you remember Great Aunt Martha out of thin air, but you’ll be able to add her to multiple event lists and keep her far away from Cousin Carol’s table at the reception.
  3. Wedding Wire (free) Vendors and Entertainment

    iOS | Android
    The Wedding Wire website proves to perform much better than their mobile app, however, both offer versatile ways to search, compare and contact vendors and entertainment companies. The one asset that Wedding Wire has over most other alternatives is the amount of reviews from brides and grooms as really help you find out exactly what you will be getting on your day of.
  4. Mint (free) Budgeting

    iOS | Android Mint connects with your bank account and accurately breaksdown your spending into categories. Set your budget for all areas of spending for you wedding and monitor to make sure you stay in the black. You can create a new categories if they aren't already listed. Using an app like Mint will ensure you aren't forgetting some of the smaller expenses associated with your wedding.
    We recommend using Mint for your wedding planning process as a lot of people are already familiar with it but, it's great for everyday budgeting to make sure you're on top of things once you get settled into your marriage; after all, proper money management is one step that goes along way when it comes to a happy marriage.
  5. Wedding LookBook (Free) Wedding Dresses and Inspiration

    iOS | Android
    The Knot has done well with putting your wedding dresses inspiration all in one place. If you're still looking for your dress, this app will certainly provide you a shortcut on finding your style or the perfect dress. Give the app some details about your style, price points, must-have features and bam! the app will generate dresses that match your criteria. You can also choose to discover new dresses or styles you didn't even know existed. You can save all your favorite dresses and view them later. Screenshot the dresses and save to your sharing app like Evernote!

Bonus Apps

  1. MentorMob Wedding Planning (free) Complete Planning

    An online app that helps you plan everything starting from the day you get engaged. Once you setup your profile, all your decisions will reflect wedding date, wedding style and colors, as well as budget. MentorMob also provides helpful articles under each section that will educate you on things you might have overlooked.
  2. LadyMarry Wedding Planning (free) Complete Planning

    Android | Website
    An interactive tool for wedding planning that uses "dumped" data from newlyweds to provide personalized recommendations for couples who are busy yet still want a DIY wedding. This app provides an user-friendly scheduler, organized notebook, a ton of inspiration, tips and tricks and best yet, an android app that is seemlessly smooth. LadyMarry also creates a checklist that works around your wedding date.

The Checklist To Get You Started

If you've decided to go ahead and install a checklist app, you can copy and paste this list to get you started:

    Upon engagement

  • Congratulation! Spread the news
  • Decide your wedding budget
  • Make a guest list (also write their addresses, phone numbers and emails) and estimate the guest number
  • Select possible dates (take into account holidays, memorials days, and special events)
  • Visit different ceremony and reception potential sites (according to the evaluated guest number) and check availability in your desire dates
  • Reserve selected ceremony and reception sites
  • Determine the wedding date
  • Decide on wedding style and theme
  • Register for wedding gifts

  • One year to six months before

  • Choose a wedding planner
  • Book accommodation for guests coming from far
  • Reserve a caterer
  • Reserve a ceremony musicians
  • Reserve a reception band or DJ
  • Reserve a photographer/videographer
  • Reserve a wedding cake baker
  • Reserve a Florist
  • Meet with your officiant
  • Shop for a wedding dress
  • Shop for a suit
  • Shop for shoes (bride and groom)
  • Consider shopping for more comfortable shoes as well (to change at some point)
  • Shop for headpiece and veil
  • Shop for underclothings
  • Shop for Jewellery
  • Shop for wedding rings
  • Make appointments for wedding-day hairstyles and beauty treatments
  • Decide on your honeymoon location and book all reservations
  • Consider dance lessons
  • Send save the date cards to your guests
  • Have your engagement photos taken
  • Submit engagement photo and announcement to your local newspaper
  • Shop for/order bridesmaids' dresses, shoes, accessories, and jewellery
  • Purchase bridal shower invitations
  • Purchase a supply of thank you notes
  • Opened a joint account
  • Book accommodation for you for your wedding night

  • Three months before

  • Update your wedding registry
  • Design, print or order your wedding invitations
  • Purchase envelopes and seals
  • Send invitations
  • Purchase respond cards, reception cards, Informal cards and thank you notes
  • Order an unity candle
  • Order an aisle runner
  • Order a pew bows
  • Order a ring bearer pillow
  • Order a flower girl basket
  • Order a garter
  • Order a guest book and a pen
  • Order memorials
  • Shop for place cards
  • Shop for napkins
  • Shop for Matchbooks or notepads
  • Shop for favors
  • Shop for toasting glasses
  • Shop for serving pieces
  • Shop for cake topper
  • Shop for decorations
  • Shop for centerpieces
  • Book wedding-day transportation
  • Plan rehearsal dinner
  • Order formal wear

  • Two months before

  • Finalize wedding night and honeymoon plans; confirm all reservations and paperwork needed
  • Finalize arrangements with wedding vendors
  • Finalize ceremony order with officiant
  • Order wedding programs
  • Purchase appreciation gifts for attendants
  • Purchase wedding gift for fiancĂ©
  • Arange wedding announcements to be mailed the day of the wedding
  • Mail rehearsal dinner invitations
  • Gather forms for making name change
  • Write your wedding vows
  • Write your toasts and speeches
  • Dye your hair (if it's your first time, to make sure you won't have an allergy reaction)

  • One month to two weeks before

  • Work on reception seating arrangement
  • Prepare place cards
  • Get your marriage license
  • Choose and try your wedding hairstyle
  • Have a fitting for wedding dress
  • Wear your wedding shoes (to get used to them)
  • Confirm duties with wedding helpers (personal attendant, setup crew and decorators, readers, flower pinners, guest book attendant, gift table attendant, host and hostess, punch, cake and coffee servers, cleanup crew etc.)

  • One week before

  • Dye your hair (make sure you use a brand you used before)
  • Get a hair cut (Groom)
  • Finalize your reception seating arrangement
  • Finalize place cards
  • Transfer place cards to the person in charge / to site
  • Confirm all services and reservations
  • Confirm arrangements with sites
  • Prepare a list of all service providers and reservations, which contains phone numbers and a short description of the service agreed on and payments
  • Prepare lists and relevant information to helpers
  • Deliver lists or items to helpers
  • Deliver final guest count to caterer and site
  • Get final fit for your wedding dress / formal wear
  • Pick up your wedding dress / formal wear
  • Assemble a wedding-day emergency kit
  • Pack items for the ceremony and reception sites
  • Pack for your wedding night
  • Pack for your honeymoon
  • Get your nails done
  • Prepare (methods of) payments for services at weeding day
  • To take on your wedding day

  • Food and drinks
  • Payment to service providers
  • Mobile phones and chargers
  • Sunglasses
  • Notepad and pen
  • Toothpaste and toothbrush
  • Written wedding vows
  • Written toasts and speeches
  • Your list of service providers information
  • Guest list and seating arrangement
  • List of helpers and their responsibility
  • Camera
  • Wedding rings
  • Extra more comfortable shoes
  • Headpiece and veil
  • Bag/suitcase for wedding night
  • A needle and a white thread
  • Pain killers
  • Required medicine or pill
  • Plasters
  • Wipes
  • Tissue
  • Hairpins
  • Umbrella
  • Perfume
  • Doardornt
  • House keys
  • Car keys
  • Driving licence