What is Crowd Interaction and how can your Edmonton DJ take advantage of it?

Photo Courtesy of vtran photography http://www.vtran.ca/
When you hire a DJ service, you'll want to look for a few things. Professionalism, quality, experience, music selection and level of interaction.

Here at Equinox Sound & Entertainment Inc., one of the things we often try to ingrain into the heads of our DJ's in training; is that we don't actually hire "DJ's" here, we hire DJ's who can keep the party fun and exciting for our customers and guests.

There are a lot of things we teach our DJ's, but one of the most useful tools is crowd interaction.

Having Choices

Of course, before we move on further, I want to stress that we provide our clients options. Not everyone wants an interactive DJ. We understand that. Knowing this, we have packages where our clients can hire a reserved DJ who limits their level of interaction to simple announcements.

For these clients, our Edmonton DJ's will let the music do the talking. Our DJ's will take requests, read the crowd and keep things simple, but fun.

Moving on...

But, if you want an interactive option, one that encourages participation in the dance and an overall atmosphere of fun, here are a few ideas our DJ's can help with:

Shoe Game (often done before the dance)

The Shoe Game is a fun way to get the couple to share with their guests how much they know about each other and their little quirks. Each half of the couple takes one of their own shoes and a shoe of their partner. They sit back to back and as we ask questions about each other, if they think the correct response is themselves, they raise their own shoe. If they think it's their partner, they raise their partner's shoe.

Circle Dance

One way for guests to dance is to see the couple wants to have some fun. A great way to encourage this is a circle dance.

Get the bride in the middle of the dance floor and all of the men in the room to surround her in a giant circle. The bride has the length of the song to try and grab one partner at a time, bring them into the circle and dance for a few seconds. Her goal is to not exclude anyone from the circle.

The same can be repeated with the groom and a circle of ladies to a different song.

Snow Ball Dance (often done to start a dance or help get the dance floor active)

Imagine the theory of a snowball rolling down hill and getting bigger and bigger as it gains momentum. That's the idea behind a snowball dance. Your DJ will start small, with two or four people. The DJ will then use the those people to gather more people.

The instructions are simple. When the DJ says "snowball" or "switch", the couples on the dance floor must go out to the crowd and grab a near partner bring them to the floor to dance. Two becomes four, four becomes eight, eight becomes sixteen...


Conga Line (done during the dance)

A conga line is simple. Find one volunteer to help form a line and lead it around the room, gathering people along the path. The more people the better. Just make sure your DJ instructs your guests to avoid the bathrooms!

Other Ideas

There are a lot of other things your Edmonton DJ can do to encourage action and fun with your guests:

Line Dances
Dance Contests
Musical Chairs
Participation dances (YMCA, Chicken Dance, Rasputin)

If you know your guests and think they'll need a little nudge in the right direction, interaction with your DJ is a great way to accomplish this and not a lot of DJ's offer this as part of their services.

First, determine if you'd like interaction and then ask. Make sure the package you chose includes it and remember, this kind of interaction is a skill. Not all DJ's can do it -- at least not well.