To Separate or to Bundle? That is the question...

Should I bundle my services with one company? Or should I hire each service separately, making sure I talk only to vendors who offer those isolated services? 

Have you had to answer this question yet? 
The Dilemma

If you haven't had to yet, you might find yourself having to face this decision sooner than later. More and more wedding and entertainment companies are moving to offering multiple services. It's a difficult industry, when there are only so many Saturdays in a given calendar year, to make a full-time living off of only 50 bookings. Therefore, if a company can offer multiple services on the same night to the same client, it makes sense to do so.

But, there are things to watch for. We've tried to help by laying out the Pros and Cons of bundling services:


1) Price

Typically, you will save money when you bundle services together. For example, if you hired an Edmonton DJ service by itself, you might spend about $1200. If you hired an Edmonton photographer, you might spend $4000. Use a company that can offer connections to both services, you might find a company willing to discount for the bundle, therefore your total becomes $4900 instead of $5200. A quick $300 savings.

2) Communication

When you hire a company that bundles items together, you may find meeting with each vendor much easier as your communication goes through one company. The company you hire can help communicate with each vendor to ensure that your meetings happen quickly, communication is swift and clear and all meetings can happen at the same place at same time. The parent company has a reputation on the line with vendors ensuring they don't leave you hanging. The vendors they work with also don't want to upset the head office as it can mean damaging relationships.


1) Quality

While it isn't always true and in fact, in many cases the quality is on par both when you bundle and when you don't, there can be times that you hire a company that operates by having the same staff work multiple types of services (ie. a DJ, double-dipping as a videographer). This is where you need to be careful.

If the same person wears too many hats, there isn't often enough opportunity to perfect that one thing that you want perfect! Ensure that the company you're hiring to help you bundle works only with professionals who specialize. Their photographers are photographers. Their DJ's are DJ's...

2) Staffing

Make sure you know who your professional will be. When you bundle, are you allowing the company you're purchasing your services through select your vendors? Do you get to choose the professional you work with on your day and at your event? Is that important to you?

3) Price Breakdowns

Sometimes, when you bundle, you receive one complete bill for the total cost of all services. It can be beneficial to a company and easier to hide service fees or adjustments in the total cost of your bill. It's best to ask for a price breakdown of each service.

At the end of the day, make sure you know what you're buying even when you bundle. Get a price breakdown, ensure you know who specifically is working your event and ensure the quality of the work. Once you do, enjoy the savings.