The Sure Signs You Hired a Good Wedding DJ

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So your wedding is coming up and among all the possible choices for entertainment, you chose a wedding DJ. Now you are wondering if it was the right choice and if you hired the right one. The process was new to you and you were just trying to stick within your budget. Obviously we believe hiring a wedding DJ from a professionally run company with tons of experience is the way to go, but we also understand that alternatives exist - we've seen them all and we've seen them all go wrong. If you decided to hire a DJ from a professional company, a lot of variation and choices still come into play as the owners of each company all have a different set of values which are often passed down to the DJ's - one which will hold the fate of your wedding. This article will outline some things to pay attention to and help you figure out what kind of DJ you want at your wedding - and what kind of DJ you hired.

If you haven't hired a DJ yet let's quickly define the role. Some think a wedding DJ is supposed to play some music and maybe make a few announcements. For the most part, that is what a lot of companies do. If that's what you're looking for, that's totally fine. But that's not how we see it. We summarize a DJ's job as controlling the atmosphere, paying attention to everyone (including those who aren't on the dance floor), and to transition the night smoothly from the ceremony to cocktails and all the way to the last dance. To be able to do this, it's extremely important the DJ can prioritize whats most important. Software, equipment, skills, size of music library, and even music knowledge aren't enough to be a great DJ. Sure they're assets but without crowd awareness and a personality dedicated to creating a fun and interactive atmosphere it doesn't really matter too much. So before talking with companies, define your ideal DJ. 

► Cheap DJ? If price is your most important factor when you're shopping, good luck trying to get a DJ that meets all your needs. If you want a DJ that is going to rock the night, be prepared to pay more.

► Does your ideal DJ talk on the mic a lot, come down from the booth and walk through the crowd and encourage people to get on the dance floor or do they sit back and let guests pick the music? Interactive vs reserved DJ. If you want an interactive DJ, it will cost more.

► Do they pay attention to what the crowd is doing and adjust to get more people on the dance floor or do they continue to play their song preferences? Learning to read a crowd takes experience. You might save a little money by hiring someone starting out fresh but the money you save is also for lack of experience.

What exactly are you paying for? Are you paying for the DJ's $10,000 gear or are you paying for 10 years of experience and knowledge? You aren't getting either of those for under $1000. Some companies will spend upwards of $2000 a month on advertising and you have to know that will be a chunk of what you pay for. That being said, it doesn't mean go out and find someone on kijiji who tries to avoid paying any overhead whatsoever; it means, make sure the company has it's bases covered (licensing, insurance, contracts, properly staffed in-office team as well as properly trained DJ's) but doesn't forget the most important aspects of its services.

Picking Up the Signs from the DJ Company

► They Educate. 

This industry isn't one that people often find themselves in - once in a lifetime for some people. And because of this, it is much more crucial that the company takes the time to explain and educate you on not only the DJ services but the process of how everything works. It is their responsibility to accurately portray their services, educate you so your expectations are realistic and then follow through with doing what they said they were going to do. Seems pretty straightforward however, most companies take advantage of couples who don't know exactly what they're are looking for. If you find yourself having to ask a lot of questions, it's probably a warning sign.

► In-Office Staff are Organized

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Most DJ's have a pretty specialized skill set and office work isn't normally part of it. You could have the best DJ in the world, but if the staff aren't organized and able to effectively communicate with the DJ, he won't know what he's doing when he gets to the event. 

The Owner's Views are Reflected Through The Staff

Earlier I mentioned a DJ has to prioritize what's most important to be able to provide the best service. That skill starts with hiring as it is the owner's job to make sure the DJ's are doing things the right way. Some company's hire as many DJ's as they can to fill the event calendar and hope things go smoothly. The DJ's they hire might have a very different view of what is expected from them and that can lead to some serious disappointment.

We hope you at least have a better idea of the type of DJ you are looking for. Consider these few points when booking your wedding and prepare for a truly amazing night.