Fun Photobooth Ideas for your Wedding

By now, most people have seen a photobooth at a wedding or party. The initial hype is gone now the task is about keeping them in-style. Here are some great ideas that you can use at your wedding to make your photobooth a unique and fun memory.

Printable Wedding Photobooth PropsCreate your own printable props. Many printable props are available online; some funny, some cheesy and some not so great. At least if you customize your own, you can add family jokes or sayings relevant to you and your guests.

Design a memorable backdrop. Whether you have a DIY photobooth or hiring a company, you can create and use a custom backdrop. You can find a ton of inspiration around the web. I really love the boat and sea backdrop shown below. If you want to get real creative, use a green screen as a backdrop and put your guests on the set of a movie scene or some other funny fantasy.
Custom Photobooth Backdrop
Photo by Azzurra Piccardi

Think before you pose! No one wants to see 4 of the same photo nor an uncoordinated one. Try to think of a comical, stylish, or genuine pose before you go into the booth or steal an idea from below:

Funny Wedding Photobooth Ideas

► Napoleon Dynamite dance
► Bruce Lee stances
► Titanic pose on the bow of the ship
► Michael Jackson poses
► Home Alone face
► Blue Steal from Zoolander
► Here's Johnny from The Shining
► Band Album Covers 
► Superhero pose
► Form 1 portrait with all 4 photos (have each frame capture 1/4 of the picture)

Interactive backdrops. Have the photobooth backdrop be a part of the picture or create an unique perspective. 

Interactive Photobooth Backdrop
This backdrop adds a fun element that takes a second glance to figure out! As mentioned previously, a green screen can significantly help to create something really cool. We would love to see what ideas you can come up with and maybe we will bring it to life.