Comparing Apples to Apples - Differences in Edmonton DJ Company Prices

As you shop for a DJ, you'll be tempted to look at many things. There are aspects of any DJ service that will draw you the customer toward them or send you running in the other direction. Often, the thing that carries the most weight, (even though maybe it shouldn't) is price.

Call around, look online, ask your friends who've hired a DJ in the past and you'll find pricing varies. Yes, there is a ballpark and range to which many Edmonton DJ services tend to fall; but you may find that a DJ in your area can cost as low as $300-$400 or as much as a couple thousand. So why the difference?

Comparing Apples to Oranges

The first mistake you can make as a couple or customer searching for a DJ is that DJ companies are all the same. They are not - plain and simple. The fundamental idea that a DJ will be playing music for a group of people and helping them have a great night is universal, but how a DJ gets from point A to B varies greatly.

While it isn't always the case, usually, the cheapest DJ's are missing something. In the same token, the most expensive are over compensating. Spend too little and you'll be missing critical items. Spend too much and you probably pay for things that won't directly affect your event. But make no mistake, a $300 DJ is not the same as a $1000 DJ, and you will not get the same service from the former as you do the latter.

You need to know when, while looking at price, you are comparing apples to apples or apples to oranges.

First, check to see if the DJ company is official. This means, are they actually a business. Are they licensed and insured. Do they work with associations or align themselves with groups that are also official. You may be tempted to hire a buddy who has a couple turntables in his basement and knows music, but when fit hits the shan, you will wish you had someone who knows how to handle problems as they occur or are legally doing the job you hired them to do.

Second, can you find any information on the company. By doing a simple Google or Bing search, you can quickly find some of the most popular DJ companies in the area. You just need to know what to look for.

If the company always shows up first, the likelihood is, they paid Google to be there. This doesn't necessarily mean they are the best option. Anyone can pay a lot of money to appear somewhere. What you'l want to do is find the combination of a DJ service who knows when to pay for advertising (which all reputable DJ companies will do), but also ones that show up organically or frequently in other areas because of the work they do. Referrals, testimonials, reviews, awards... all of these lead the a DJ company showing up because they are good at what they do.

Finally, what specifically is the DJ company providing for the price they quote. If you see that a DJ company is offering a $700 DJ, but the hours are only for the dance, it includes no lights, a wired mic and a non-interactive DJ, but your other quote is a full service 8 hour event with cocktail and dinner music, the dance, 3-4 dance lights, wireless mic, experience and outgoing interactive DJ, custom music selections and entrances, licensing and insurance and a backup plan for $1100, you can bet the extra $400 is worth every penny.

That $400 can make or break your party! And after everything else you've spent money on, wouldn't you be upset if for $400 you didn't have a good time at your dance?

Know while you shop the difference between DJ services. Apples to apples comparisons and quotes are important. And, maybe when you talk to each company, don't only ask about price. You might find that there is a large difference between the $800 quote and the $1000 quote you just got over the phone.