The Top 5 Wedding Trends for 2015

Cocktail Hour Food Trucks

Photo by Jennifer Bergman Weddings
In no particular order, our first wedding trend for 2015 isn't a secret at all: food trucks. Couples have been taking advantage of the unique style a food truck adds to a wedding for over a year now but it really is the perfect time to get on-board as Edmonton has such a fantastic array of food trucks to choose from. Not only are they great conversation starters that make cocktail hour much more enjoyable for guests, but you can choose almost any style of food you want and I am sure most would be willing to customize a menu. Couples have also hired these trucks to roll out for late lunch which can reignite the night and keep people around longer and having a better time.

Different Perspective Photography

Using Drones to Capture What Most Photographers Can't

Drones might be a short lived trend that we never see again however, we expect to see some phenomenal photos and videos from these miniature copters. For some couples, when it comes to being unique, never is enough. Using a drone and the footage captured is a great way to remember exactly how unique your wedding was. Some people speculate that the noise would be an issue however, couples who have hired someone to operate a drone just tested to find the perfect altitude where it doesn't pose as a distraction.

An Alternate Wedding Video

Not everyone can afford photography AND video. This bride found a way to convert one into the other as she took over 3000 photos from their wedding and condensed them down into a 4 minute slideshow which made it look like a really cool filmstrip style video. It may be time consuming but it's a unique and cost efficient alternative to hiring a videographer.

Color Schemes

With Marsala being pantone of the year, we figured we better show some love with a couple color schemes. For those are looking for some alternative choices we've included some colour schemes that represent modern changes to traditional colours, bold colours, modern colours and trendy colours. 

Alice in Wonderland
Marsala and Gray
Marsala and Fresh Green

Metallic Cakes

Photo by Atelier Pictures
Since the emergence of metallic popularity back in 2012, metallic cakes have proven to be an excellent addition to the wedding style trend; they are elegant and modern and fit perfectly with the fascination of couples trying harder then ever to customize each and every factor at their wedding. These shiny sweets certainly deserve a heaping size of attention as they will be a centerpiece of the night. Metallic fits well with most color schemes especially this years pantone, Marsala. What do you think; stunning or a bit too much?

Overused Trends


We've seen burlap on almost anything you can think of; the obligatory mason jar, candles, vases, chairs, drapes, bouquets, table runners etc... If you've had your mind set on a rustic wedding featuring tons of burlap for the better half of your life, then by all means, have your wedding and be proud. For the rest trying to jump in on this trend, its something that has been beaten to death and shouldn't make a reappearance anytime soon. It's not a hard-coded rule that burlap is banished from weddings and in some cases it can elevate the style but, most of the time this is not the case. 

Naked Cakes

These simplistic cakes that can sometimes look absolutely gorgeous have been getting far too much attention. For most of us - the guests at your wedding - we want that icing! This trend is actually hidden in the shadow of metallic cakes; putting it in the overused trend category is a little unjust but we'll have to see how 2015 pans out and re-evaluate then as our personal preferences favor the shiny, sweet cakes.