A/V Basics for Edmonton Weddings and Edmonton Brides

There are a million things a couple has to plan for their wedding, many of which they've had no experience with before.  Though many focus on the big things such as décor, catering, suits and dresses, Audio and Visual support is a crucial component to making your wedding a success. We put together a list of basic terms and differences help you choose the right equipment for your special day.

Microphones - are used for every wedding. Whether it’s for the ceremony, MC, speeches or DJ, having the proper mic will make sure your guests will hear loud and clear and with ease to those using it. Here are the different types of microphones:

  • Handheld Mic- A mic that is wired up to a power source. Best used at one stationary point that guests will give speeches or if there is any live performers.

  • Wireless Handheld Mic- A wireless mic that is battery powered, transmitting audio to a nearby receiver. Best option for speeches. Provides much more flexibility than a wired mic.

  • Lapel Mic- A small wireless mic aka a “clip mic”. Usually has a miniature mic that clips to the collar of speaker(not the equipment, but a person), with a transmitter that sits in a pocket or routed directly to mixer. This would be ideal for the MC of your wedding or commissioner performing a ceremony service.

Projectors - are mainly used for the wedding slide show presentation, or sometimes as lighting décor. Which one you choose is dependent on the amount of space you have.

  • LCD -  your standard projector. Takes a basic image, video or anything on a laptop, desktop or other video source and projects it onto a screen, white wall surface or other larger area. Does not play audio.

  • Short-throw LCD – This projector operates the same as a regular LCD, but are designed to be installed very close to the screen. Ideal for smaller spaces or ensuring nothing interrupts the images.

Lighting - can have a huge impact on the look and atmosphere of your wedding.  Having basic knowledge of the different lights and their purposes will help you immensely when planning the décor and dance floor.

  • Wash Par Can – A headlight used to illuminate or “wash” a larger area. Use them to take a select area that is one color and make it another. 

  • Strip LED - compartmented fixtures designed for use as a general wash of light, usually on backdrops. Strips can make any color, and they're small and easy to hide.

  • LED Dance - There are many different styles and features, but most have multi- colors with multiple beams. These are essential for any dance floor!

  • Gobo Light - These lights project a cut out stencil of an image, such as a monogram or picture for a wedding. Great for having the initials of the wedding couple on a larger focus wall at a reception. 

A basic understanding of A/V can help tremendously when planning a wedding. Without it, you'll need to trust that you've made a correct choice in Edmonton DJ services to ensure that where your event requires A/V assistance, you have help.