Secret to Performing the Best Wedding Ceremony Ever

In the grand scheme of a wedding, money gets spent in a lot of places. Places you may not see much of a return.

The cake costs a lot, but there's always left-overs. The party favors dent your pocketbook, but I can't think of one person I've ever met who took a wedding favor home and cherished it for a long period of time.

But an area where couples tend to neglect their day is their wedding ceremony. It's often thrown together without much thought, spending only as much time on the idea of the ceremony as is required to make the marriage legal. It's a shame too because a good wedding ceremony can be a magnificent way to start your event with that "WOW factor" that will have your guests in awe throughout the day and into the reception.

Recently we performed the DJ service at a ceremony where the couple did it right!

From specified intro songs for the groomsmen, bridesmaids and flower girls, to a special song performance by a bridesmaid during the sand ceremony, to custom bridesmaid cowgirl dresses and mics for everyone, including the father of the bride who had some final thoughts before giving away his daughter, Marek and Kendra, married at the Holiday Inn in Sherwood Park, nailed it.

Typically, as DJ's, we don't often get asked to attend the rehearsal. Since we don't bring a full system and our jobs are fairly straight-forward, there isn't a need. But Marek and Kendra had other ideas and invested a little in having one of our Edmonton DJ's attend the night prior to see their vision.

We went through the ceremony almost three full times to get it right, but come the day of, it was a seamless, beautiful event full of great sound, excellent transitions and the kind of smooth that we like, not having guests realize how much effort was put into it.

What was their secret?

They cared about their ceremony. It wasn't just a legal proceeding to them. It took time, effort, dedication and work from a great deal of people to help make it perfect to them.

Follow their lead. Take the time to care about your ceremony. Remember, it isn't just a legal proceeding, it's a once in a lifetime moment that brings your closest friends and family together.