Music for Important Wedding Moments

Most brides want to remember their wedding like it was a scene out of a movie.  But like all great movies, they must have an amazing soundtrack to go with it. This is how you should approach selecting music for your wedding. 

In a wedding, there are many special moments that are forgotten till the last moment. You don’t want to be that bride at the last minute scrambling to find a song on your iPod for your entrance song!

Here is a list of the important moments you want to have the perfect song for!:

1.       Prelude songs-  Played before the ceremony begins
2.       Processional songs- Played as the wedding party walks down the isle
3.       Brides Entrance- Played while the bride walks the isle
4.       Recessional Songs- Played as the wedding party and bride and groom exit the ceremony
5.       Reception Entrance- Played when the couple enters the reception as man and wife!
6.       First Dance- Played and the bride and groom enjoy the first dance
7.       Father daughter dance- Special moment with dad
8.       Mother son dance- Special moment with mom
9.       Anniversary song- As song to celebrate all the happily married couples in attendance
10.     Bouquet Catch- Played while all the single ladies see who is the next one to wed
11.     Garter Toss- Played while all the bachelors try to catch the garter
12.     Cake Cutting- Played during the timeless tradition of cutting the first slice