Intriguing All The Senses On Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. You are not just planning a wedding, but creating a magical day that you will cherish for the rest of your lives.  As much as we would like, that day doesn’t just magically happen.  As you start preparing for your special day, you start to see all the components and details that are involved, each of which contributes to the overall atmosphere.  You create that by stimulating each sense.

Sight is the first sense people focus on.  The venue is the stage for your big moment.  Some spaces can be transformed by décor into beautiful productions, while some venues use the natural beauty for décor. The best way is to walk through the venue and visualize how the night would unfold for a guest. Does the venue accommodate your guest’s needs?

Music is number one component in creating the atmosphere for the evening.  You can have the most beautiful décor, in the most expensive venue, but no one will notice if you have a DJ playing inappropriate music for setting. Do your research in finding an experienced, licensed DJ. Take time to pick the kind of music to play and if possible, discuss this with the DJ prior to the wedding.

Food is essential to any gathering of people.  Choosing the style of serving is just as important as the food itself. Consider how many people are attending and what is most convenient for you.  A buffet style may be better than banquet for larger groups. Or cocktail reception suits your guest and budget more than a sit-down dinner.

Touch is a detail that is often overlooked but is a part of creating the “feel” of the event.  When picking out décor, it’s not just the color you need to pick but type and texture.  Satin table cloths are going to give a much different look than lace.

This is the least considered sense, but is still important. You may love the look of a particular flower, but not so much the strong smell it produces. Smell can add the romantic feel of the wedding.  Adding scented candles is a great way to create that ambiance.