Wedding Favor Idea For Your Wedding!

Photo Booth Wedding Favor?!
Wedding favors can be something easy to pick and often not much thought gets put into them -- little knickknacks as a gesture of thanks for supporting us on our most important day.

They can be cheap in comparison to the rest of your wedding costs, or they can rack up to a good amount of money, especially if you hold a large event. 

Here's an idea to save some money.

If you have a photo booth booked already for your wedding, why not use this as a wedding favor? 

Your print outs will be customized with your choice of design so use this to your advantage. Along with your wedding colors and a message, place a “Thank you!” on the card for people to take home as the design with their photos. Implement some creativity into your engagement photos and take a photo of the two of you holding a “Thank you” message or sign. Then, deliver this photo to your photo booth vendor and ask to have this photo on the background border of the prints. 

Here at Equinox Sound & Entertainment Inc. we can customize your design to be anything you want. Any ideas that you have in mind, we can do our best to accommodate. 

A photo booth is always great fun for guests to have tons. It can also be a two birds, one stone situation for yourself and your significant other by using the print outs as party favors. 

Cut down on your expenses and do something unique. It’s like a combo where you get two for one!

And ask us about our Edmonton DJ services. We have great ideas on things like photo booths, but we'll always be your number one choice for music!