6 things to look for now that you've been to Bridal Fantasy

You've gone to Bridal Fantasy. You've waded through the thousands of brides, hundreds of vendors pitching their services and gotten so much information your head could spin. What do you do with all the information? Where do you even start?

Here are a few things that might help weed down the junk and leave you with the quality from that bag of SWAG you brought home.

1) Look for something unique.

Everyone can hand out a business card, post card or flyer. Likely every vendor at the show did. But which vendors took the time to do something different. That made them stand out? Find those vendors and put a little extra time or consideration into looking at them more closely, they are likely willing to do more for their clients as they made extra effort to get noticed.

2) Look for limited time coupons.

Some vendors may have handed you something that is time sensitive. Should there be an expiry date, and it's a company you had considered, it may be wise to touch base with that vendor before the value expires.

3) Separate only those cards that you remember actually speaking to someone.

The show moves quick and a lot of it may be a blur. If you don't recall actually taking a second to speak with the person at the booth, they didn't make an impression and likely shouldn't be considered a candidate for your business.

4) Look for vendors that offer multiple services.

While the saying goes, those who do too many things, may not do any one thing extremely well, it's not always true. There are some very good businesses that have taken time and effort to become experts or align themselves with experts in related fields. An Edmonton DJ company, may know an Edmonton photographer. They may have a working relationship and if you require both services, you may be able to save some money.

5) Google the business name of the cards you have remaining.

After you've gone through and separated the weak from the strong, take a second to Google search the names of the businesses still left standing. If you can quickly find reviews and the name appears often in multiple places, it's a good bet the business has experience and is reputable. If the company doesn't show up in your search or extremely infrequently, it may mean they lack experience.

6) Inquire into the service and measure the response time. 

If you send an inquiry into a service and they respond to you within the day, good, the hour even better. If they don't respond for days, consider that a telling sign. You'll want someone you can count on that will communicate with you.