4 Ways to Save Your Lagging Dance Floor!

It's the worst feeling when you spend time and money planning your big day, meet with and do homework on DJ's, invite out of town guests and want to party, only to have an empty dance floor. It's like a scene out of Footloose before Kevin Bacon shows up and yells "I thought this was a party... let's dance!"

But, our eighteen years as professional wedding DJ's in Edmonton tells us, there are a few things that will help any reception limit the chances that you'll have a dud. Here's how you can help your DJ help you at your next event:


If you don't dance at your own event, you might find your guests don't feel like they have consent to dance either and your dance may suffer. If you show your guests that you're there to have fun, they loosen up so be the first on the dance floor and get involved. You'll have plenty of chances to catch up with family or you can do so while you dance!


Sometimes couples feel like the more activities they have, the more people will find the event fun. That's not always the case. If you have a couple things, like a photo booth and a DJ, great, but if you have a caricaturist, photo booth, games, DJ, mini-golf, trivia... you'll give people to much to think about and your dance floor may feel empty.


Patios make your event pretty and give people a place to go, but if everyone is on the patio, they aren't dancing. Consider opening the patio only for certain portions of the night to ensure when you want people inside, they are inside.


Consider what your guests want to listen to. You may love the new Uptown Funk track by Bruno Mars, so play it, but the whole night shouldn't be that style of music. You'll have people who like slower waltz's, country, rock, Top 40, you'll have kids and grandparents... you need a little something for everyone.

And above else, don't leave the music to someone who has no professional experience. It may save you money, but it likely won't produce much of a dance crowd.