When you first start to get to know someone, there's always that little bit of protocol to go through. The rules of dating or calling back. 

You don't want to seem to eager, you want to play a little hard-to get, you want to give off the "correct" impression. Whatever your intention, you have to do it right or your relationship will never get off on the right foot -- or so we've been told.

Overall, I think many of us have come to see these rules as a myth. Every relationship is different and every case-by-case scenario can be varied. But, that doesn't mean there aren't certain guidelines that will help. 

Hiring a DJ is kind of like the rules of dating. There are certain rules for your photo calls when getting into a relationship and there are certain rules when you hire entertainment for your Edmonton area event. 

A DJ Company has to be Prompt

The experts say if a woman calls you within 24 hours, you should give them the same courtesy. Don't wait around to make her "want you more". Be a gent and be courteous. 

The same goes for your DJ company. If you email, call or try to book an appointment, they should respond with the same sense of urgency you lay out. They should demonstrate they want your business. 

There are some companies who will intentionally wait to give you the impression that they're busy. We still haven't quite figured out what they're trying to prove. If you can't get their attention when it involves getting your money, imagine what they'll be like once they already have it.

If you Waited to get a Quote, Expect to Wait to get a Response

In relationships, men tend to want control of the situation and especially their time. If the woman has decided to slow down, men should oblige and vice versa. Coming across too strong or needy will make anyone look weak. 

The same can be said for your DJ service. If you the client started looking for a quote, but then slowed down because you weren't ready to commit to a specific vendor, your DJ company should respond in kind. 

There are a lot of companies out there who will email, call, email, call and email again, dropping their prices or sending contracts in an attempt to push you into signing a deal. Don't let them. 

A DJ company sending helpful tips while you decide is one thing. It's also often true if a DJ company warns you the date is a busy one, but no DJ service should ever force you into a decision. One that repeatedly drops their pricing to get you to sign on the dotted line is one you should likely avoid.

It's OK to Call Back Right Away

Despite the most well known dating rules, it does NOT look desperate to call her back right away. If you like her and the feeling is mutual, then share that feeling. 

The same goes with the DJ service. You should be hearing back from the company. It shouldn't take days - unless they don't really want your event. It shouldn't even take hours. With the communication tools at our disposal, companies should be responding immediately. 

You Can't Manipulate Someone Into Liking You

Unless you want a short-term relationship, it's not such a good idea to lie about who you are, or pretend to be someone that you're not. Eventually, your other half will find out. 

The same goes for a DJ service. Just because they say they are one thing, doesn't necessarily mean that's an accurate picture. Get referrals, testimonials and ask the right questions. You will uncover the truth if the advertising isn't all it seems to be. 

Being Busy Is No Excuse

We're all busy, but everyone can multitask. It's not tough these days to at least set a time and date to talk further.