Great Idea For Your Upcoming Edmonton Corporate Event!

Brainstorming on ways to make your company name stand out and look great at your upcoming Corporate Event? Look no further!

We provide an Add-On feature or something called a GOBO. What is a GOBO is the first thing you're probably wondering. Well, a GOBO is a customized monogram of your company name, logo, or both that we design and create for you. It can be blown up to however big, or little you like. It can be placed either on a screen, or on a wall if the wall meets the requirements in order to have the GOBO show up on it. Then, we set it up with all necessary equipment ourselves at your event wherever you want it to be!

This is an affordable and awesome way to make your Edmonton based company look fantastic at your next corporate event. You can't miss it, GOBO's are generally quite large and meant to be because they are supposed to be seen. If you are having speeches from some individuals of your company, or speeches in general, have the GOBO placed directly behind or to the side of the speakers so that it is seen and representing your company the whole time! It looks pretty snazzy when the president or owner is about to make a speech and the company name that he created is reflected on the wall directly behind him.

We cutsomize the GOBO for you, so you can implement basically anything that you want. No need to worry about any standard templates, we will use your unique company logo, name, font, etc.

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