What's Your First Dance Going to Be Like?

One of the most memorable moments at your wedding reception along side the father/daughter dance, or the mother/son dance, is your first dance with your significant other as a married couple.

Every couples first dance can be different. Perhaps you took dance lessons in order to WOW your crowd. Maybe you're doing something fun and upbeat that steers away from the usual slow, intimate dance that most couples tend to do. A spicy salsa routine could be a fun idea for some couples, to keep it appropriate yet still different. Want to incorporate your bridal party and family with a flash mob? It requires practice with a lot of people, but can make for a great and unique memory.

Whatever your routine, you may decide to practice to ensure you get it just right.

Courtesy http://www.daveandcharlotte.com/2009/06/wedding-photography/an-opulent-wedding-at-the-liberty-grand/
It all depends on personality and what you've pictured your first dance to go like. Again, everyone's will be different.

There's always the traditional side of things. That would include the slow dance with a suitable song for the new bride and groom followed by dances with their parents, or whatever else they may have planned.

For some ideas on first dance songs for the more traditional side of things, here are some of our most popular selections!

- "A Thousand Years" Christina Perri
- "Amazed" Lonestar
- "Marry You" Bruno Mars
- "Me & You" Kenny Chesney
- "I'm Yours" Jason Mraz
- "All Of Me" John Legend
- "You Are The Best Thing" Ray LaMontagne
- "Everything" Michael Buble
- "Then" Brad Paisley
-"Make You Feel My Love" Adele
- "Can't Help Falling In Love" Ingrid Michaelson
- "Halo" Beyonce
- "Baby I'm Yours" Arctic Monkeys
- "Lucky" Jason Mraz & Colbie Caillat
- "By Your Side" Sade
- "Who You Love" John Mayer & Katy Perry

These are just a few of the songs we have seen regularly this year. Check our our other blog entries for more song ideas for different events during your wedding!