Edmonton Wedding DJ Services - With a Twist!

So you want to be different. You want to do something at your wedding that not everyone else is doing. You want an Edmonton wedding DJ with a twist?

Well here are a few ideas that will help you make your wedding stand-out and include your DJ as part of the fun!

1) Hire an interactive DJ -- 

Even if you have a group that is known for being a party crowd and maybe doesn't need an interactive DJ to get them on their feet, having a DJ who can use their mic skills to work with your crowd is a plus. They can customize their entertainment to your guests and family and ensure everyone is truly having a good time.

I used to work at a grocery store many many years ago. They always taught us to look at the payment card and then use the name to personalize a thank you to the shopper. It often makes a person feel special when you use their name. Well an interactive DJ can be the same way. If they are fun and outgoing using names and remembering faces, your guests will feel a lot more comfortable and remember the night positively.

2) Be unique when it comes to areas that allow for a little flavour -- 

You can try creating a fun way to determine the table eating order. You can do a customized entrance into the venue when you arrive to your reception. You can create a different way to get your guests to get you to kiss throughout the evening. All of these demonstrate the type of couple you are to your guests and that goes a long way to keeping everyone relaxed and ready to have fun.

3) Tell your DJ your wedding colors -- 

It might not seem like much, but if you let your DJ know your wedding colors and ask if they have attire to match, it adds that little extra something to your DJ and your event that people will remember and your friends might not have thought of.

4) Pick a few custom music requests --

Are there a few songs that you and your significant other are really known for? That you both love a lot? If you let your DJ know and you plan to make an event out of the song, you can pack a dance floor with a simple instruction that you want everyone out there because this is a "bride and groom song that they want everyone to dance with them to".

If you have a wedding where even a couple times a night, everyone is on the dance floor, it loosens up the entire room to keep dancing.

These are just a few things you can do with your Edmonton DJ service to ensure you and your guests have a blast. A good DJ company will be full of ideas.

Give us a call if you're interested in what we can do to customize your event and add a little entertainment with a twist.