Is it your fault you didn't choose the right DJ package?

Which DJ Package Is A Better Option For You?

When choosing a DJ company or Edmonton DJ, you'll be deciding on more than just the price -- or at least you should be. A professional DJ company should present different packages in order to best serve you and your event. 

A DJ is not a “one size fits all” type of deal. What fits you might not fit someone else and if you don't have choices or the ability to customize the services you need, you may want to consider other options -- not that those options always make the decision any easier. You need to understand your tastes and your guests tastes to make a wise decision.

Here at Equinox Sound, we work hard to find a match for all of our clients. If you can't find a fit with us, it's not due to a lack of options. 

After you described the type of DJ service that you want, we match you with the DJ or let you choose the package you feel is best for you and your event. How do we do this? And, how do you know that this is the DJ that makes the most sense for you and your guests?

Planning Forms

First, we offer a full service reception itinerary planner. This form is only one of many ways we ensure a proper match and every client receives one. 

Our form walks you through step-by-step almost every aspect of your reception from timing to music to special requests and notes for your event. It tells us a lot about the type of event you plan to have. 

For example, if we see a majority of your music is country music, we won't be sending you one of our DJ’s who specializes in hip-hop and rap music. If your guests age range is almost exclusively over the age of fifty, the newest top 40 may not be the way to go. The wrong combination could make for a disaster! 

Profile a DJ!

If your budget allows for it, you can choose a Profiled DJ Package. 

When you profile a DJ with us, you are provided the option of choosing from some of our hottest and most elite DJ’s. You can choose based on matching style or recommendation from past events or other clients, then sit down and ask that specific DJ whatever questions you like. 

Maybe you were at another event we DJ'd. Perhaps your friend told you about us or you really liked the DJ (of course you would!). A profiled package allows you to request this specific DJ and snag them before anyone else does for your date. 

Referrals are the best advertising we get and we get a lot of people sharing how fantastic certain DJ's are!

Interactive vs Reserved...

Don't think you need to go so far as to profile one of our more elite talents? Even our non-profiled options provide a choice between an interactive and a non-interactive DJ. 

Our more basic package does not mean less quality. All of our DJ’s are experienced and very professional. However, a non-interactive package or more reserved DJ package includes a DJ that will take requests and make basic announcements if need be, but will not open up vocally over the mic or play games with guests to get them up and dancing. These are great DJ's, but we don't often describe them as "Mr. Personality".

Some of the best musically inclined DJ's aren't great talkers and for many of our clients, this is right in line with what they've been looking for. If you're the type of couple certain that your crowd is highly self-motivated and have no doubt that once the music begins, guests will swarm the dance floor, you may find that an interactive DJ isn't needed.  

Maybe you've been to weddings where the DJ was more interactive and you really just didn't enjoy that. A reserved DJ is for you. 

What if a reserved DJ isn't enough?

Maybe you want some games thrown in there just for fun. Maybe you're worried your dance floor might not be full all evening. Maybe it's a smaller crowd, a less rowdy crowd or a crowd that needs direction. Consider a more interactive DJ.  

Perhaps you have a rookie emcee who needs a bit of help. An interactive DJ can be supportive and helpful. 

But don't let the term interactive fool you. Just because you may choose the interactive DJ, does NOT mean that they are going to be non-stop talking all night and being completely annoying. Unless otherwise instructed, we use interaction as a tool, not a mandatory inclusion. 

Our DJ's (in any package) will use the crowd as it's guide. If your dance floor is dead, interaction can help. If everyone ends up dancing and having a great time without the interaction, there isn't as large a need to provide it, so the DJ will not start playing games or talking on the microphone because he/she can clearly see that the music itself is enough for your guests. 

When things go wrong...

Remember how at the start of this article we said, just because you have choices, doesn't mean the decision will be an easy one?

In the name of full-disclosure, we have had clients come back to us after the wedding is said and done and explain to us that the DJ was not talking enough or talked too much! We don't get many complaints, but if and when we do, this is usually why. 

This can happen when clients aren't aware of the package they purchased and it can happen for a few reasons. 

When a booking is made, often a year before the event, it's not uncommon for clients to need to revisit their contracts. It's wise to check back in with your DJ company. 

We do our best to honestly describe each and every package upon your first consultation and in communication afterward but; with all the other planning one will do, it's easy to forget. What did I buy again? What is my DJ like? Can I meet them? Can I not? 

Or, clients may change their minds and/or wish they'd gone with another package.   

In your meetings with us, you may have described your groups as "party animals" or that you "don't want a lot of talking by the DJ", yet when your event happened, your guests weren't quite the party crowd you'd thought. 

Our DJ's are instructed to follow the descriptions of each package and as such, it's important to ensure you've chosen wisely. If your crowd is just sitting around and nobody can seem to get the party started, but you thought that this wouldn't be a problem, it becomes too late once we send out the DJ who is not interactive.

Our goal as a service provider is to present our packages to you and use our experience to describe the features of each. It's then left to you and your budget to determine the final decision. 

Don't flip a coin...

If you are going back and forth with this, to be safe we would recommend you go with the interactive DJ so you have one if needed. As they say- “it’s better to be safe than sorry.” or better  "to have it and not need, than to need it and not have it". After all, this is your wedding. 

The right package for you is crucial in having the perfect service for your special day. The dance party portion of your night may be what your guests remember most. Our guess is that you wouldn't be having a party if you didn't want it to be a memorable and great experience. 

Choose the right DJ from our packages and your party will be a blast! Choose the wrong one and your party will still be fun, but not everything it could be. Go with a company who provides no choice and best of luck... you're going to need it.