A summer versus a winter wedding in Edmonton. These tips may help you decide...

Are you deciding on a wedding date but can't seem to decide what season you want your wedding to take place in? Start by choosing a season. With that down, you can decide on the month and exact date thereafter. 

Are you someone who knows you definitely want a summer time wedding -- when the weather is nice, the flowers and grass are out in full-force? This tends to be most couples choice and our busiest time of year by a long shot. 

Or, you may be looking at the "off season" -- the spring, winter and fall months. You may have your mind set on a strictly winter themed wedding equipped with white fluffy goodness and everything that comes with it. 

There are things to consider besides just your preference when deciding your wedding season. Let's take a look at some key points when it comes to having a summer wedding:

Summer Weddings:

Your wedding day is virtually guaranteed to be of warm temperature. Sure, it could rain, or thunderstorm and bring along some hail with it, but it should stay warm and for most couples, weather doesn't rear it's ugly head. You won't have to worry about it dropping low enough to freeze everyone and everything from people to flowers.

Photo Courtesy of Tabatha Gach Photography
In the summer kids are out of school, people have time off and it may be a lot easier for family and friends to make arrangements if coming from out of town to be at your wedding. 

When you consider weather, transportation arrangements and attendance, a summer wedding may create less worry with those non refundable deposits or payments you'e made with all your vendors. 

A summer wedding creates an opportunity for an outdoor ceremony. Given that the weather is good and sunny, without any high winds or raining, you can have a beautiful outdoor ceremony on a beach or in a farmer's field. Flowers will be blooming, birds chirping. Winters in Alberta make things a challenge for obvious reasons.

A summer wedding lets you shoot your photos outside - at least a lot more easily. You can do this of course in the winter months as well, it would just be a lot colder for you and your bridal party, friends and family to be taking multiple photos out in the cold and snow. Winter months make for some gorgeous photos with the elegant and soft snow fall in the background but you'll need to decide which is more important, the look or the feel of your photo session.

In the summer, your wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses can be as summery as you want them to be! You can have a sleeveless gown without worry of any coats or throw overs to wear over top of it upon transportation from location to location.

So too, you can wear open toed shoes or any kind of sandals without the worry of stepping in a pile of snow or melting snow and freezing your feet while outdoors.

In the summer you have more sunlight to work with. Summer months mean longer days, so you won't have to worry about the sun setting early and getting dark quite fast. 

Now, lets take a look at some pointers when it comes to having a winter wedding:

Winter Weddings:

If your crazy about the Holiday Season, then a winter wedding may be the perfect wedding for you. Having your wedding around the same time as the holidays may be an ultimate dream for you.
Photo courtesy of Cormack Photography

Perhaps you want a holiday themed wedding, one complete with a turkey and cranberry sauce as part of your holiday themed meal. Maybe a candy cane or hot chocolate served in spirit of the holidays. You could have poinsettia flowers and fairy lighting drooping around your venue after everyone comes in from a sun setting, snowy evening, they first see cozy fairy lights everywhere setting the ambiance immediately.

This accompanied by some classic winter love songs such as "Baby it's cold outside" or "Winter Wonderland." would make for a spectacular display of winter joy.

Have you always wanted to get your photos done in the snow? Tough to do in the summer without spending a lot of money. You can dress your wedding dress up with fabulous fur pieces or fur coats for transportation and make use of them in photos.

A winter wedding may save you some money as well. If you are thinking of doing a honey moon, this time of year is a great time to book a hot vacation get away while it's still cold and snowy here. Your favorite vendors might be easier to book and less costly due to a slower season or you could grab some great off season deals.

Perhaps your family is already getting together over the holidays? This can be a great time to take advantage of pre-set travel plans.

And like the summer, there are times when kids and possibly adults are out of school and off of work for the winter break.


Whatever your options may be, hopefully this list helps you a little and brings up some concerns perhaps you hadn't thought of. 

Both types of weddings along with any wedding at any time of the rest of the year are all equally as beautiful. Your wedding and the detail, planning, etc is a reflection of you as a person and a slice of your personality. Keep that in mind and no matter what you may choose in the end, it will always be not only beautiful, but simply- you.