The Pro's and Con's of Big Wedding Receptions

Big Wedding Receptions - The Pro's and the Con's

As you begin to plan your event, perhaps you are unsure whether or not you want a more intimate wedding with only the closest of friends and family or a grande wedding and a larger scale celebration. 

This article will help. We've listed the pro's and the con's of each. Perhaps you'd not considered these things or perhaps you have and we'll answer some of your questions. 

The Pro's:

1.      You get to invite everyone! From closest family and friends to friends and family you have not seen in a while, or co workers, bosses, your mailman. Basically anyone and everyone if you wanted to (assuming that the venue be big enough to hold all of these people if you are having a bigger wedding). Perhaps you have many high school friends you haven’t seen in a long time because you all now have busy lives and can’t seem to make time to visit one another anymore or plan anything-this would be the time for everyone to put everything aside and come together for your special day. So, not only do you get to invite everyone to experience this joy with you, you get to see everyone, maybe most whom you haven’t seen in quite some time.

2.      Because you are having a larger wedding, with therefore more guests, quite a few of them or even majority could be travelling from out of town. If you are having your reception at a venue such as a banquet that is attached to a hotel, most of your guests will choose to stay at this hotel. Sometimes, hotels will include a complimentary suite for the new couple if you purchase certain packages with them. If your hotel does not offer this as an option, perhaps because most of your guests are staying with them, and you are therefore providing them a lot of business as well as hosting your wedding at their venue, they will give you a discount or even a complimentary room to stay in for your honeymoon night!

3.      In addition of maybe distant family or friends that have grown distant through time coming from out of town for your wedding, not only will you get to see them on your wedding day, but maybe they will book an extended visit so that they can help you plan the wedding or have time to visit with you after the wedding day is all over. This creates an opportunity to spend some time with family and friends that have come from a far outside of your wedding day.

4.      You get to book a large venue, meaning you get the option of grand ballrooms to fit all of your guests. These larger ballrooms tend to have higher raised ceilings and other marvelous detail that smaller venues may not have the space to have.

5.      This being said, you also have more room to fit more décor for your wedding. You have limitless possibilities to what kind of décor and where to put it, whereas with a smaller venue, you may have limitations as to what kind of décor and the amount you can have.

6.      With more guests, you can have a larger menu for them to choose from, as well as a larger dessert bar.

7.      You can purchase a DJ Package, as well as a Photo Booth or two, Karaoke, or anything else you’d like to have because you have the space to do so. You won’t have to move tables and chairs around to fit everything in, or be restricted to only having a DJ and one Photo Booth or less based on your smaller venue.

8.      Because you have invited everyone, you will have the opportunity to take new pictures with everyone that you haven’t seen in a while and maybe won’t see again for some time after. You will have magnificent group photos, as well as fun photos from the night when the party gets started, these memories you will cherish forever, whether it is in a photo album or on a video, or both.
9.      Your venue will never look empty, even if people leave early or throughout the night. The party will continue on because you won’t have a shortness of guests.

10.    Even if your guests choose to socialize not only with you, but with one another because this creates a time for people to also see others that they too have not seen in a long time, there is so many people that even if some socialize there will always be some partying. So again, the party won’t stop because your relying on a small group of people who all decide to visit with one another as soon as the part begins and leave the dance floor empty.

The Con's:

1.      At the top of the list, price. Having a larger wedding comes with an even larger price. You have to book a larger venue, more catering options and food, more tables and chairs, more décor, more everything! This of course, will cost you significantly more than a smaller wedding where you do not need to have more of everything.

2.      You may find it hard to talk and converse with everyone that came to your wedding because of the vast amount of people.

3.      In addition to the above point, it may be hard to find people that you are looking for and wanting to see and catch up with, based on the large crowd.

4.      A larger wedding could also mean more stress because it will require more planning and more people to get a hold of as well as answer to should they have questions about your wedding, especially if they are not from where you are having your wedding, they will need help planning their trip so that they have all the venue information and time and everything knowing that they will not be able to get in touch with you the day of if they run into any issues.

5.      It may be harder to get all of your guests to attend your wedding if many of them live far away because of the cost of travelling, and just not everyone can afford to take time off of work, book accommodations for them as well as their family and present you with a gift on your wedding day.

6.      If you invite too many people, and they all RSVP as attending, and your venue is not quite big enough, the venue can get crowded quick! This also is not good.

7.      You won’t be sharing your special day with just a select amount of people, there will be people there you maybe do not know well at all if it is a coworker or someone you may not be close with.

8.      Having more people and a larger menu selection could also mean more people getting back to you with menu selections that perhaps need to be altered or are not even on the menu because of allergies, children attending, or other special requests that could add more work and complicate things.

If you decide to have a larger wedding, you want to insure that you have hired vendors that are experienced when it comes to large crowds and know how to please more people as more people come with more variations of preferences when it comes to say things like music. Your vendor should be able to please your guests as well as keep the party going with requests and music that you provide to us to play, or even games and interactions if this is something that you want them to include in their performance to please the big crowd and keep things interesting.

You will want to choose vendors who have experience with both kind of weddings, whether it be big or small, and do not be afraid to ask how much experience they have with both, because you want to have the best wedding and best experience with whoever you decide to choose for your wedding day!