The Mashup DJ - Yes or No? 4 Reasons to Think About It.

Ever heard of a mashup before? As Sue so wonderfully describes in her video, a mashup is the process of taking two different songs and uniquely and seamlessly blending them into one.

But is it important to hire a DJ for your Edmonton area event or wedding that can do this?

Obviously, that is up to you, but here are a few things to consider when you hire a DJ who can mashup songs. Questions you might want to ask:

1) How often do you mashup the songs at our event? 

This is important to know in the event that this is all the DJ does or very little of what the DJ does. Perhaps your DJ chooses only a few songs in the night when the time is right to so. Perhaps the DJ does with this every song they play.

Do you want a DJ who takes the classics and mashes them up along with your dance and top 40? Or would you like to keep the classics in their original form? Consider your guest list when deciding. Some of our older group or guests who like the best songs untouched may wish that certain songs aren't played with.

2) How good is the DJ at doing these mashups?

There is nothing worse than a DJ who attempts to mashup a song or two and does it poorly. It's about the worst sound ever!

If your DJ tries to mix and mashup songs, but really isn't qualified, experienced enough or lacks the skill, our advice is not to try it at your wedding.

3) Will your mashup DJ still play your and others favorites?

Many times mashups are done with a certain genre. If your DJ does this with only dance, hip hop or top 40, you can expect your wedding to have very little of anything else. Your grandparents, parents or others who maybe want a few two-steps, olides or otherwise might not have a lot of fun at your event. Sue in the above video does a pretty good job with a couple oldies tunes, but a lot of mashup DJ's stick to what they know.

4) Are you willing to pay a premium for this?

If you find a DJ who is good at mashups, can play all sorts of music, doesn't butcher the songs and considers all your guests music tastes, it likely won't come cheap.

$200-$500 more for this type of DJ and their equipment shouldn't surprise clients who ask, so be ready for that.

Mashups are a ton of fun, but make sure mashup DJ's are the right fit for your event.