Your DJ versus Your Photo Booth

"In this corner".....

Hiring a professional DJ for your event and bringing in a photo booth doesn't mean that these two services have to compete or go to war with each other. Yet, some clients think that's what happens.

They contend, "if I bring in a booth, will that take away from our dance floor?"

The answer can be a yes, but only if your Edmonton DJ and Edmonton photo booth company don't know how to work together. Here's what we mean.

Let's say your wedding DJ goes in with the mentality that he/she is going to get everyone to dance to every song all night long. First, this is a mistake.

Your guests are an assortment of people with an assortment of music tastes and preferences. Trying to get them to dance to every song all night means that your DJ isn't allowing them an opportunity to connect with friends and family, relax or grab a drink and that can be a large part of the fun for invited guests to any wedding.

Second, if you've hired a professional DJ, they should know that pleasing everyone all the time is an exercise in futility. It's simply not possible. Crowds and dance floors change and dancers come and go with their favorite songs and anyone who tells you they've had everyone dancing all night through their music selection is either a liar or not taking a good view of what's really going on around them.

The truth is, there's nothing wrong with pleasing most of the people most of the time, since some guests are never pleased with anything. It's the nature of emotion. You can't get it right, 100% of the time.

This means that when a group of songs come on that one group doesn't like, they can use the booth, while the people who love these particular songs will dance.

So too, any good photo booth will be busy. People will realize how much fun it is and actually use it. But, like anything, no one wants to wait in line if they don't have to. Guests will look for opportunities to use the booth when it's fun and when it's convenient. If the photo booth is packed, they'll wait and use it when it isn't.

The reality is, there will be plenty of time for both. Lots of your guests will use the booth when they don't want to dance, and if the music is good and your DJ knows what he/she is doing, people will dance.

It's not a contest and DJ's and photo booth services who work together often know this. Just another reason to consider hiring your booth where you hire your DJ (if they offer both services)...

which of course we do!

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